Well. indeed, someone has gone and named their Eskie, Squirt.  This little pipsqueak girl is just about the most delightful Eskie I have ever met.   Last summer, MSPCA Springfield called me to pull this precious girl from their over crowded shelter.  At ten months old, her family determined that they could not afford her care.  I guess they blew their wad on the pet store purchase price. 

And so, lunch with my friend Bob was interrupted by the MSPCA plea for Squirt.  Now, I like to capitalize on an opportunity when one presents itself, and since Bob drives a Lexus, what could be better than lunch in Springfield and rescue in a luxury car?  Of course, since Bob is not one of my rescue buddies, I had to pull the old  "I know a fantastic joint in Springfield that has Squirt...and Squirt is damn hard to find these days."  Fortunately, Bob is old enough to remember Squirt Soft Drink and is too naive to realize that I was hijacking him into a rescue.  


And so, we drove into the MSPCA parking lot and I emerged a few minutes later with eleven pounds of shivering, shaking Squirt....and then, I magnanimously treated Bob and Squirt to McDonalds...honestly, the things I do for rescue. 

Now, Squirt was a hard dog to give up.  To know her is to fall instantly in love.  I almost forgot that she was a royal peeing machine who frequently mixed up the carpet with the grass outside.  Ah....there is always a real reason for an owner dump...beyond the trash talk that they spew to the shelter. After a few days, I put all my girls in diapers...and let me just say that Toot was not happy about that. She was not a Squirt fan to begin with. Squirt made slow progress...and I daresay after hundreds of unaltered foster dogs, my place is not ideal for house training.  Even with her house training challenge, Squirt was a popular girl on our website, and it was not long before the perfect adopters turned up. 

Michele and Jamie of New Hampshire contacted me and were eager to add Squirt to their family, which included two rescue beagles, Woody and Ash, and a couple of nervy cats.  We figured that Squirt would be the perfect fit, and so, Squirt and I made our way north.  The adoption meeting was a great success, and Squirt made herself quite at home with these ladies and their hounds! 

Here is Michelle's update:  July 4, 2007


Hi Denise, 

Well, maybe you are not always right, but maybe you are never wrong.  Squirt (sorry, we haven't come up with a new one yet) is everything you said and more.  She is an absolute delight; how can your heart not melt when she stands up and wraps her paws around your arm?  She seems to be settling in well, although everyone else has some adjustments to make -- but nothing overwhelming.  On her first night, she and Ash and one of the cats were all in the bed.  Ash seemed a little depressed yesterday, but better today -- although she did just kind of walk right by Squirt first thing this morning.  I think Squirt and Woody will be playing together before long.  At least I haven't seen him try to hump her lately!  She and the cats are working things out.  I actually think she just doesn't quite know what to do. 

I'll write soon with more details.  I just wanted to let you know that we're in love with her already.  She's gone on a few car rides, and really seems to enjoy exploring her new environment.  I haven't brought her to work yet because I want her to settle in a bit more first.  Luckily, things are such that we haven't had to leave her alone.  Today was the first time actually, that we were both out of the house without them, but Jamie was only gone for a couple of hours.  All three set up a ruckus upon her return, but Jamie was glad there were no nasty smelly surprises to be found from anyone. 

Talk to you soon,