Sparky....aka "Diane's Sparkadoodle," was rescued from the CACC in Manhattan. He had been found as a stray and was released to rescue after a two week stay at the shelter. I packed up the Angels from God, and Shayla the Menace, to make an emergency run to the CACC to spring Sparky. I was delighted to see that he was such a good boy and so respectful of the AFGs that there were no tiff's in the car. Well....except for Shayla grumbling in the back seat, but Sparky even charmed her after a while. Either that, or she got tired of repeating herself. After a brief pitstop for potty and pictures, we drove Sparky to his new foster home at the Gonzalez homestead in southern New Jersey.

Diane, Willie and James fell in love with Sparky immediately; and even Willie was making noises about keeping him! Sparky proved to be a real champ -- a great all around dog with nary an issue, kind of unusual for a shelter dog! After a few weeks, we got an email from our Maryland chapter director, Bobbi Brenner, who referred us to David Schmidt and his family who live near Diane in Southern Jersey. When the Schmidts came to visit Sparky, it was love at first site -- after a night of "thinking it over" the Schmidt decided that they could not live without their Sparky. We are looking forward to pictures and and update soon!