Snow White is a true fairy tale heroine. Picked up as a stray by a New Jersey shelter, her extremely submissive behavior convinced shelter workers that she had been abused. But in her Heart Bandits foster home she began to understand that people could be her friends. And she loved to play with the other dogs. The Sapelli family thought she had the potential to become the companion their Eskie Wanda needed. Here is their first report:

Snow White is doing well. I had her to our vet on Saturday and Dr. Karen says "We did good!" She is still a bit unsure of certain things and somewhat submissive at times. But, with each repeat of an event, she learns that there will be no harm and acts more secure. She has adapted well to our routine. Sunday, while we went to church, I think Wanda taught her to use Curly's bed. (Curly was our miniture poodle.) Saturday night, I gently tried to get her in the bed; but, she didn't seem to know what I wanted. Sunday night she slept in it. When we leave, Wanda goes up to her bed. Snow must have followed and settled in to Curly's; she has now claimed it as her own. Wanda is still unsure of what to do with Snow. They are get along fine; but, when Snow wants to play, Wanda is still intimidated by the size and energy difference. Each day it improves a little. Last night, I was on the floor playing with Snow and Wanda was attempting to join the game. The dogs have so many similarities and so many differences. When playing, Snow exhibits much more energy; yet, in general, she is has a much calmer personality. She will lie there and watch what is going on while Wanda needs to get in the middle of everything. Thanks, again for the wonderful work you and your helpers like Diane do.