Our little Snow turned out to be another absolute gem. And, her rescue represents the best efforts of our best "troops." Snow was surrendered to a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel rescue in Maryland that was taking in eight Cavs from a backyard breeder. Honestly, I wish the backyard breeders would just knock it off until we rescue schmucks can catch up. I am beginning to feel like Mickey Mouse's "Sorcerer's Apprentice," in Fantasia.

To our good fortune, this particular breeder was not producing more fact, Snow was the token Eskie! She had assumed her role as surrogate mom to several litters of Cav pups over the years. Snow's owner insisted that the Cav rescue folks take Snow in addition to her eight Cavs. Now that's lottsa chutzpah! Cav rescue did the smart thing, and called us.

In response, we mobilized our troops, Coreen and Christa, who arranged and executed Snow's transport from Maryland to Pennsylvania, where she took up foster residence with Christa and Fran at the Dunroven Farmette. Christa and Fran have adopted their three Eskies, Bianca, Princess and Bear, from us, and while most of the time, I think they are grateful.....there are certainly times during the Princess/Bianca Estrogen Grudge Matches, when they silently take our names in vain. Nonetheless, Christa and Fran have become one of our most loving and productive foster homes, and Snow was welcomed with open arms.

Here is some of Christa's first foster report.

Well, it looks like we were graced once again with a real gem. What a little sweetheart - our Snow is passing out lots of kisses at every opportunity now that she's gotten over her recent trip. How quickly she adapted from a very bewildered and shy "crate bunny" to a proper loving, curious and alert Eskie!

A funny story about her first full day here. After feeding the horses tonight I looked up to the house and saw her sitting on the porch step watching Bianca, Bear and me down at the barn. When I got back to the house there was no sign of her. So I called her name while checking the yard, the porch, and throughout the house. No Snow until I got to my bedroom and there she is laying on my bed like she belonged there! Currently she's on another bed watching me while I'm on the computer. A good sign as to comfort level, don't you think?


Misty with TC

And so, it wasn't long before the perfect adopters contacted me about Snow. Hal and Joan of Massachusetts, who had recently lost their beloved eskie, Misty, at age 13. Misty had been a rescue dog when Hal and Joan adopted her from their local shelter several years ago. Misty and TC, the cat, were fast friends, and TC was a bit verklempt without his pal, Misty.

Hal and Joan were anxious to adopt another little girl, and Snow seemed to be the perfect fit. Arrangements came together quickly, and within the next few days, we were able to bring Snow to Massachusetts to her forever home, where she is beloved and henceforth known as Miss "Maggie.".

Here are Hal's first reports:

September 29, 2007

Hi Denise,

Snow is doing great. She and TC get along just fine; in fact TC was trying to get Snow to play with him last night. He was swatting at her tail and jumping on her bed. She is not letting me get too far out of her sight; she is stretched out under my desk right now and TC is curled up on a chair next to me. She had a couple of “accidents” in the house so we have to work on her potty training. She let me give her a good brushing and snip out some matted fur behind her ears with no fuss whatsoever. I took her for 3 or 4 walks in the woods today and she is pooped tonight. I don’t think she is accustomed to that much exercise. She is still not eating her dog food. This AM she helped me eat my eggs and tonight she scored a couple of pieces of chicken. We took her for a couple of short car rides today and she did just fine by herself in the back seat. She snoozed in her crate for a while but she prefers to be closer to her people.

Oh well, I guess I’ll wake her up and take her outside for a bit before bed.

Thanks for getting Snow for us.

Best Regards

Hal & Joan

October 1, 2007

Hi Denise,

Maggie is continuing to make real progress. We heard her voice for the first time this morning. I was just about to leave for work and when I picked up my bag and headed for the door we were treated to some real loud Eskie protests. Joan had a doctor’s appointment this AM and got to stay with Maggie until 10:30 and put her in her crate before leaving. I arrived home at 4:30 and Maggie was lying in her crate just as peaceful as could be. I took her out for a walk in the woods and fed her when we returned. Surprise, she ate all her dog food, I mean the dishwasher couldn’t have done better. When Joan got home we went for another walk of about 1 mile. Maggie does pretty well on the leash and likes to walk between Joan and me. We have a dog bed in the bedroom as Joan doesn’t want her on our bed. I guess it wasn’t close enough for Maggie so she found a neat place under our bed. She has the sweetest personality; you can’t help but love her to pieces.

Best Regards

Harold and Joan

October 3, 2007

Hi Denise,

Maggie has been doing great; no more “accidents”. She has been spending the day in her crate while we are at work and seems quite content in doing so. She is still very quiet and has only barked a couple of times. She likes to play with a ball and was having some fun tonight running around chasing it.

I took her to our vet this afternoon and they checked her over. No problems, heart worm check negative. The vet recommended a Lyme disease vaccination since we walk in the woods and she got the first shot. We will have to go back for a booster in 3 weeks. I picked up some Heart Guard and Front Line and started her on that tonight. The vet couldn’t believe how well behaved she was. She let the vet poke and prod her all over and even clip her nails and never so much as raised a lip. Maggie was also super in the waiting room with all the strange people and animals. You should have seen her when a couple came in with 2 totally undisciplined bulldogs. They were very friendly and just wanted to play but one of them kept getting in Maggie’s face. Maggie kept her cool sitting between my feet and just raised her nose in the air as if to say get outta here.

Thanks again for a great lil Eskie girl.

Harold and Joan

Hi Denise,

Just thought I'd give you an update on Maggie (Snow Storm). She has been with us for just about 2 months now and she is doing fantastic. She has proven herself trustworthy and now has the run of the house while we are at work. She is an absolute sweetheart.
She was pawing at her ears and shaking her head quite a bit the first week and a trip to the vet found that she had ear mites. He gave her a shot and some drops and that problem was taken care of.
She is still a little shy of strangers but does accept them fairly quickly. We took her to my brother-in-law's house for Thanksgiving dinner where there were a dozen people, most of whom were strangers to her, and she was a perfect little lady; she lay quietly at my feet under the table while we ate. She does ride well in the car but does not jump in readily; I think that she is still a little insecure and afraid that we might hand her off to someone else.

She has been transformed from a dog that had to be coaxed to eat to a food freak. We have to keep an eye on her as she is very quick and will clean out the cat's dish in the blink of an eye. We have been taking her on walks of from 2 to 3 plus miles a day, weather permitting. She hasn't lost any weight but now she is solid as a rock and full of energy. When we return from our walk and let her off the leash she likes to run around the yard at about a hundred miles per hour. I think she is just showing off.
The Eskie has really started to come out in the last two or three weeks; she is getting quite vocal when she gets excited. When we are getting ready for our walk she gets all wound up and starts spinning around in circles and yapping like mad. But if you tell her "enough" she calms down.

I just wanted to thank you again for a very special little girl. Special thanks to Christa for the information and goodies she sent along. It was a big help in getting us started off on the right foot.

Keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Harold and Joan