Ajax is one of our success stories from last year. He was snagged from the Warwick Animal Control facility in Rhode Island-- where his official name was Snowball-- by our volunteer, Jeanne Corvese, and he just stole my heart from the get-go. What an absolute beauty... and so friendly and loving. He was an early contender for the position of 4th Angel From God, until, he received his initiation thrashing by the female constituency of that group. But, then, Snowball was only a year old when he came to live with me, and Lord knows how the Angels From God hate puppies!

And so, shortly thereafter, I recruited Benny and Debbie Light to foster Snowball for his own protection. Well, if the truth be told, I recruited Debbie Light, and then she went to work on Benny. Ben and Deb are a pair of our miracle adopters: they are now parents to Simba, the Cowardly Lion and Zena, the Warrior Princess. They had signed up to adopt Zena...and I did the sales job of the century to get them to adopt Simba. Well, Simba really did all the work. He refrained from screwing up during the adoption and charmed Benny into oblivion. And, so it was time to test the waters, to see if the fabulous Lights would crossover into fostering.

Above, Snowball with Simba. Below, Zena and Snowball

When I brought Snowball to meet them, he took over the house like a typical Eskie...and he and Simba became best buds. It was too much to believe. After a couple of weeks, Snowball, Zena and Simba's nonstop playfest had proven to be so high energy that it ruined the Lights for fostering...but they had fun while it lasted! Their photo submissions show three very happy Eskies!
Finally, I turned up the right home for Snowball. Carol and Paul of northern Massachusetts, had contacted me about adopting, and it seemed that Snowball was a good choice for them. And so, when Carol came over to meet him, along with her very laid back Golden Retriever, Molson, she fell in love right away. The adoption was a success from the beginning, but not without its challenges. Renaming him Ajax, Carol has put in hours of diligent training with her pup, and he has made such tremendous progress. I recently had the pleasure of his company at my place over the Memorial Day weekend, while Carol and Paul went on vacation...and I am thrilled to report that Ajax did not forget his spot on the bed. And, the Angels From God were pretty nice to him too!

Here is the first of Carol's reports. More photos should be coming soon.

Hello Denise,

Ajax is doing very well. He is happy and well adjusted. His obedience is coming along. He obeys and listens about 60%... up from 0%.

I would like to adopt another so he would have a more active playmate. I just have to convince my husband. That is hard to do. I can probably persuade him to let me foster Eskies by next spring. My cat still hates Ajax, but Molson (golden retriever) and Ajax are Best Friends. They play and play a lot. I take them running 3 times a week and to the local Doggie Park every day. Everyone loves him and he loves all people and all dogs.

Anyway hope all is well is Eskieland. Hope to hear from you.