Just what makes that little old ant think she'll move that rubber tree plant. Everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant...but, she has high hopes...high, apple pie in the sky hopes.

When I met our Siri, this old Frank Sinatra number lodged itself in my brain...because nothing entertains me like an Eskie Alpha Bitch with high hopes. And, we are, indeed, fans of the Eskie Alpha Bitch...we have known and loved many. According to her foster mom, Cindy, Siri has so much life and presence .... she is the dream gorgeous and talented ...Cindy thinks that she and Siri must be related.


At the age of four, our darling Siri lost her home because, it seemed to me, her owners were simply not Eskie people. Eskie folks are a breed apart, I think. So often the rowdinessof the breed can seem out of sync with many dog owners who prefer calmer and more laid back energies in their dogs. Indeed, Siri's former owners were extremely seasoned dog people, with a couple of large German Shepard mixes at home, but Siri's activity level and quirkiness left them flummoxed. And, then there was the new baby.

On first meeting, Siri reminded me of Aunt Pitty Pat in Gone with the Wind ...a premature dowager with her paw on the perpetual smelling salts...that is to say, she had a slight flair for the dramatic. Siri pitched a holy fit when her leash changed hands. She is used to getting her own way and seemed prone to histrionics when thwarted.

On the car ride back from New Hampshire, we became fast friends, and she seemed relieved to have someone in charge. Seems that her high energy and alpha tendencies were left to blossom in her former home, and ultimately, she became convinced that it was her job to discipline the crawling newborn baby boy. These new parents simply did not have the time or focus to re-direct Siri's "SuperNanny" behavior and began to interpret her unwanted babysitting tendencies as aggression.

Now, from the perspective of Eskie devotees, Siri is one heck of a treasure. It wasn't long before we had an adopter in mind for Siri. Kristin, of Massachusetts, had recently become am Eskie fan and had applied for adoption with the Animal Rescue League. She was approved but when she went in for her interview, the dog had been adopted the night before. Disappointed, she began her search for an Eskie again, and stumbled upon Siri on our website.

Kristin seemed like an ideal match for Siri. Her household consisted of a four year old Rat Terrier, Chico, whose energy level seemed compatible with Siri's. I suspected they would become great pals and tire each other out. So, we made plans to meet, and the adoption was a home run.

Siri has completely charmed Kristin and has won over Chico. And, she has not made a nuisance of herself with the of whom, Tad, is a 13 year old rare Sphinx with a "no nonsense" attitude. I was so enthralled, I had to snap his picture.

Our follow-up from Kristin has been is her first report:

March 16, 2009

Hi Denise and Cindy,

Good Morning!

I am so so so happy! Siri, we are naming her ("Cirrus" which is pronounced the same as Siri), I hope that's okay with you guys. I just wanted to personalize her name without confusing her. When I first saw her pic I thought she looked like a cloud so hence the name Cirrus. She is fitting in to our home as if she has been with us forever. Her first night she slept right in my arms and every now and then she would wake up and put her paw on my face. We're in love. We had such an active day yesterday. I wore her out! I took some pix with my cellphone. She is so well trained. She comes whenever I call her and sits right down at my feet. I took her for a run around this pond and then I let her off leash for a bit and she trotted right into the water and went swimming!.. I was ready to jump in after her but she just paddled around all happy and then walked out and shook off. Then she did it again. It was hysterical. We were all laughing at her so I think she liked the attention. Chico adores her and is happy to have another dog to play with instead of a finicky cat.

I can't thank you both enough for her. She is much loved.

Signed, the happiest new Mom,