Shiro is a real wild child Eskie, surrendered to some kindly cat rescue folks who found themselves ill-prepared to handle this beautiful boy. They thought that they had found the perfect home for Shiro, but their adoptor "pooped out." After his return, Shiro developed a painful hernia that had to be surgically corrected. Immediately after this ordeal, Shiro came to visit the Gonzalez family, where he took up residence as the house prankster! Shiro loves to play and engaged all the other foster dogs in lots of fun and games. His greatest accomplishment was to bring foster boy, Oakley, out of his shell, with his unrelentless playing! Shiro also broke the record for leaving the longest trail of pee in Diane's house that anyone has ever seen. One for the Guinness Book. And, he became so attached to Diane, that he took a leak or fifty on her shoes to prove his devotion.

Because Shiro was so "energetic," we were looking for a savvy, experienced dog owner, not afraid of some serious obedience training. When we heard from Don Ewing, we were very moved by his story. Don had just lost his Eskie, Glacier, to a tragic accident, and was anxious to give a home to another needy boy. So we made arrangements to meet Don and his wife, Debra. Shiro took to them immediately! Don showed us a picture of his first Eskie, Glacier, and we were stunned at how much he resembled Shiro! We had a great time visiting with the Ewings, where we were quite a spectacle with the Angels From God, Sparky, Shayla and our new girl, Emma. Everyone was on their best behavior. Shiro was thrilled to go off with the Ewings, and Debra phoned later that day to report that he and their Alaskan Malamute were playing in the yard like they had grown up together! We look forward to pictures and stories soon!