What a doll this little Eskie girl is! Sheba really exemplifies that joi de vivre that folks love about this breed. Her original owner was devastated to have to part with her, but unfortunate circumstances forced Miss Sheba into a shelter in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Sheba was a bit crabby in the shelter.......well........ she instigated an argument with a nearly 75 pound dog she encountered there. So the kind folks at the Humane Society called Heart Bandits to offer Sheba a better chance at adoption...and survival. I was counting on the Angels From God to straighten her out. So I packed up the AFG squad and drove out to Pittsfield (aptly named) to pick up my Sheeby Deeby Doo.

What a beauty, and a beefy beauty to boot ......truly a vision of rubenesque Eskiness. Underneath that gorgeous eskie coat was a good 10 pounds of extra Eskiness. I can relate. So, Sheba rode home in her crate to prevent any vehicular arguments with the AFGs. She didn't really meet them until the next morning during our morning constitutional. I can never predict how these introductions will go....but I always anticipate the worst. I was pleasantly surprised when Nikita and Nadia gave Sheba the "thumbs up," and not surprised at Toot's chilly reception. Over the course of the next few days, Sheba revealed herself to be quite a talented dancer and very athletic...what a jumper!! She stole Toot's spotlight on the dance floor, and even manged to occupy the top level of the crate duplex without starting World War III. So the search began for the perfect home for Miss Sheba....before she could became the 4th Angel From God. We were looking for a special situation for Sheba, where she would get a lot of exercise and a good diet plan.

When I heard from Donna and David Merrill, I knew the match was perfect! We had a real "love at first sight" meeting, and Sheba was thrilled to go home with them. Our first reports from Donna are wonderful....Sheba is living a holistic lifestyle and even has her own chiropracter! It's really a dog's life. Here's what Donna has to say:

Dear Denise:

I can't tell you how much Sheba has given to us. We are thrilled all the time with her. She is truely our little angel. How can we ever thank you!!! Sheba saw her new vet and had an excellent bill of health. We took her to the vet at the barn in Suffern, New York. It's a holistic center for animals, offering choices of conventional and homeopathic medicine. No bias, just the most caring vet I've ever met. (You could pass this info on to anyone in our neck of the woods who has a dog or cat.) After discussing her eating habits, we decided to put Sheba on a "raw" diet, i.e., raw organic free-range beef and vegatables. (We juice veggies every day, and the byproducts are excellent for the animals.) We also incorporate bone meal, lecithin, nutritional yeast and green spirulina and wheat grass.) Now Sheba is dancing for her dish every day. (She had been snubbing kibble and begging from us at the table.) In just a few days she doesn't beg when we are eating. I guess she likes my cooking! I also make her treats with hi-protein quinoa and soy flour with a dash of tamari-garlic sauce that makes her twirl when she dances! We are health nuts and non gmo fanatics, so from that school of thought, we cringe at giving her anything non organically grown. She also likes chlorophyll in her water dish (it keeps her smelling sweet and is a good cell-builder).

Sheba still resists exercising, but we walk her a little more each day. The snarling stuff that she does (without the growl) was explained by our vet that there is a scent gland on the roof of the mouth, and sometimes animals will make that silly face to recognize people's scents. Everyone is stopping me in the street saying "what kind of dog is that?" I met a retired nurse the other day and passed on your info to her. She thought an Eskie was the perfect dog for her. She always had big ones, but she can't keep up with them anymore. She is a fast-walker in town and still volunteers with the seniors doing pet therapy. She thought an Eskie would be perfect to bring with her. Anyway, I know I could brag forever about Sheba. Will send you pictures soon. Thank you so much once again and keep in touch...

Love, Donna & David


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