What a story this is! My friend and Heart Bandits volunteer, Rachelle Pachtman, rescued her little girls, Shaina and Sheba from rather precarious situations. Shaina was part of a very unhealthy family dynamic, in which she was banished to the backyard, and not allowed in the house. Sheba was dumped by her owners in the New York Center For Animal Care and Control. When Rachelle sprung her, Sheba had a violent case of kennel cough. And so, both girls found their way to Rachelle...who is one of the nicest, most gentle people on the planet. She enrolled them both in basic and advanced obedience training, which they passed with great panache! And, except for Sheba's rough patch of "spite peeing," their progress has been remarkable.






Both girls graduated onto therapy dog training, and now visit alzheimers patients each Saturday morning. Rachelle couldn't be prouder of her girls, who came from such rough circumstances. So, it was with great dismay that Rachelle reported to me the following mishap. She had taken Shaina and Sheba out to dinner at a neighborhood outdoor cafe on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While Rachelle and her friend were chatting amiably over a glass of Chardonnay, Shaina and Sheba were coveting the entree of the diner at the next table. In one svelte move, the girls double-teamed a pregnant woman and snatched her fried chicken!!!




This proves what all us Eskie owners know to be true...DESPITE all the training and discipline, sometimes the Eskie personality just screams, "I GOTTA BE ME!!!" Rachelle has recovered from the embarrassment and has forgiven the girls, who teach her more about love each day.


Contributed by Denise Gareau