In Rescue, perspective is everything!! True Eskie people seem to have a forgiving nature when it comes to the foibles and faux pas of their beloved fuzzbutts.

Case in point....Frosty was your typical Eskie "problem child"...the victim of his own beauty. His former family spied a pretty little fluffball in their local petshop and snapped him right up. And then, all hell broke loose. With a house full of toddlers and a baby on the way, this busy family didn't have the time to devote to Frosty's much need behavior training. In fact, he seemed to be driving them nuts with typical Eskie puppy antics.

And so, out of desperation, they contacted Heart Bandits volunteer Jeanne Corvese in Rhode Island, who made arrangements to pick up Frosty and take him into foster care. The best laid plans sometimes go awry, as Jeanne's new rescue, Annabella, went into heat just prior to Frosty's arrival. To be on the safe side, we delayed Frosty's pickup to avert any accidental shenanigans. During our delay, we were saddened to learn that Frosty had been given away to a neighbor. We weren't surprised that Frosty wore out his welcome quickly and was returned to his family.

So, Jeanne picked up Frosty and I rushed down to pick him up immediately.....never one to underestimate the power of testosterone. Shortly after his neutering appointment, I received a call from Andre Horne of Pennsylvania. Sadly, the Hornes had just lost their precious Eskie boy, Finster Von Furball, to a rare blood disease at the tender age of two. In about three sentences, Andre convinced me that this was the home for Frosty. In relaying Finster's obedience school experience, Andre said .....with an absolute straight face....."Well, Finster came in last in the class....because he was naughty. But, that's ok, we like that." Ah....tried and true Eskie people.

And so, Frosty made the trek down to Pennsylvania. The ride was edgy....along with the Angels From God, our resident plus-size foster girl, Star, and our Nelson, whose carsickness is unequaled, we made our way into Manhattan to have lunch with Ann Harris. And, then....the three hour trip down one mile of 7th Avenue to get to the Holland Tunnel. Frosty sang loudly and off-key for the entire trip, attracting the befuddled stares of countless New Yorkers.

By the time we got to Diane Gonzalez's in New Jersey, we were tired and irritable. But, the Hornes, Andre, Judy and their lovely daughter, Andrea, came to visit. The meeting with Frosty was a big hit. They could not understand why anyone would give this boy up. And, so, Frosty was adopted that night. The next day, we heard from Judy that Frosty's behavior had improved substantially with the love and discipline that they were providing. He has really charmed the whole family, including, son, Chris, and now keeps Judy company at work each day....improving his people skills! Here is our first report from the Hornes, on their new family member, whom they have re-christened, Scooter.

"Scooter, formerly known as Frosty, is doing quite well in his new home. He thinks he won the doggy lottery. Scooter is intelligent, friendly, very playful and affectionate. Although he can be naughty and mischievous, he is not mean or aggressive. Scooter will usually come when called, sit, stay and is learning to heel. He loves to go for walks in the park, especially since he sees other dogs there (that's when he really pulls on his leash). Even if another dog growls or barks at him, Scooter will wag his tail as though every dog is a potential playmate. Fat Boy, our cat, and Scooter get along reasonably well. Scooter likes to sniff him, and he is very curious about the guinea pigs, rabbit and hamsters.

Being extremely energetic, he really enjoys running and playing in the backyard . In addition to his ball, Scooter's favorite toys include a stuffed gorilla, squeaking hedgehog and purring kitty. Every evening we brush Scooter, which he absolutely loves. He hasn't slept in a crate since the first night we had him. Sometimes Scooter barks too much but we are working on that every day. He comes to our dive shop with us and is improving as he continues to interact with people and encounter new situations. We're lucky to have such a lovable boy!"

Judy, Andrea, Andre & Chris