Our Sasha is a noble Elder Statesman who deserves to live his golden years in the lap of luxury and love. At 8 years young, this handsome Siberian Husky was abandoned by his owner to NYC ACC due to minor medical issues that were easily resolved by our vet. Sasha was not at all happy about the betrayal, and let it be known that he did not appreciate his new circumstances.


Owner surrendered dogs are typically ill-at-ease in the shelter environment. Sasha was restless and fearful, and did not give the best first impression to Shelter staff. He seems to have a sensitive nature, and the stress of the shelter weighed more heavily on him. He did not receive the best behavior evaluation, and was sent to us so that we could give him a chance to unwind and relax, before finding him a new home.

When Sasha arrived, he presented with itchy, open sores on his forefeet, that appeared to be related to flea dermatitis and food sensitivities. Throughout the stressful rescue process, Sasha managed to chew up his feet and required medical attention. Once we changed his food to a grain-free formulation, and resolved the flea dermatitis, Sasha's feet healed beautifully. Going forward, he will need to be on a high quality diet.

At the age of eight, Sasha is a magnificent presence. He is a large red and white Siberian Husky, and weighs in at a very solid 60 pounds. He is tall and leggy, and extremely athletic. While Sasha has a generally friendly demeanor, and seems to enjoy the attentions of strangers, he also has an entrenched Husky Wild Child vibe, and requires some serious handling chops and command presence in an adopter. We don't recommend Sasha for a first time dog owner, or first time Husky owner.

Sasha would be the ideal companion for very serious Husky folks, who are comfortable establishing rules and boundaries with Huskies, or other large breeds, so that Sasha knows exactly where he stands. Sasha seems extremely sensitive to chaos, and prefers a relaxed, calm vibe. He likes other dogs, and would be a great addition to a stable dog pack. He is one of the superstars in our big dog play yard.

The key to success with Sasha is sufficient exercise and ongoing obedience training to maintain leadership. He is a medium-energy dog who needs a couple brisk leash walks each day and, preferably, an active outdoor lifestyle, with a Husky savvy single or couple. He would be the ideal walking companion, and would love to accompany his folks on hiking or camping adventures. He loves the outdoors, and needs to be in a calm, active home, in which he can be integrated into a lifestyle, not relegated to a backyard. We don't think that Sasha would be suitable for a home with cats or small children.

Sasha has decent house manners, that will continue to improve under his adopter's patient, knowledgeable leadership. He is house trained and crate trained, although adopters should expect an accident or two during his transition to a new home. Sasha is in excellent health, and has been neutered, and is up to date on routine shots and has tested negative for heartworm and tick borne disease. If you are interested in Sasha, please call or text Denise at 860-908-9738, or email Denise@eskiesonline.com for an adoption application.

Eskies Online is a 501(c)(3) Multibreed rescue group that serves unwanted American Eskimos and other dogs in need. Our group of volunteer foster homes spans the North East, and our adoption territory extends from Maine to eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of northern Maryland. Once an adopter is approved, we arrange transportation. We do not adopt dogs beyond our territory. Please visit our website: www.eskiesonline.com for more information about our group and our adoption procedures.