Sasha is our "boomerang" Eskie. This gorgeous girl was returned to us FOUR times. She seemed to take issue with absolutely anyone who "messed with HER stuff"... and don't get her started on kids!!! Sasha visited nearly everyone in Heart Bandits Northeast, where she logged in quite a few weeks in foster care. Everyone grew to love this beauty, but we couldn't seem to find the right home for her. And then finally, the perfect match for Miss Sasha called us. Dave Kish, of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had learned of Heart Bandits through his local Humane Society and phoned Chuck Bruno. We immediately thought Dave, a single gentlemen with a great Cape Cod home, would be perfect for her. And, so, Dave drove up to Denise's to meet Sasha. We were thrilled at how quickly Sasha took to him. They were fast friends immediately; and we knew that, this time, Sasha was going home for keeps! We hear that Dave has spoiled her rotton. Now Sasha gets to run on the beach each morning! Our girl is a Cape Codder! Here is what Dave writes to us...

Hi Denise!

I have had two American Eskimos in the past. One was tragically killed; and the other my exwife took. So I called Heart Bandits--Denise and Chuck-- to see what they had. They told me about a four year old female they had, and she was a sweet little girl. Well they were right-- she fit in like she's been here for ever! Now I've spoiled her because she won't stop loving me. The best thing I ever did was call Chuck and Denise. Thanks guys.


Dave Kish