Sammy's story is a sad one with such a great outcome. I was first contacted by Sammy's owner who was completely distraught because of an upcoming move on which she could not take her beloved Eskie. It was some time before we had room for Sammy in our foster home system, but finally the day arrived when I was to pick him up.

I met Shannon, Sammy's previous owner, at a McDonald's rest stop on a day when Nikita and I were a shade under the weather, so his first impression of us was a tad iffy. When we got home, I had the full fledged flu, but we still had to pick up Pongo. For about four days, all hell broke loose, as I recovered from the flu, and Sammy parked himself squarely on my pillow, spooning around my head. Truly, misery does love company.

I was up and around in a few days, and then I got a call from Ron Mills of New Hampshire. Ron was looking for an eskie companion and Sammy seemed to be perfect. So Ron came to meet Sammy, and even I was shocked at Sammy's reaction. Love at first sight! Ron was rolling around my floor, and Sammy was rolling with him. I hope Ron has a big pillow.

So far the adoption is a match made in heaven. Ron reports that Sammy has settled in well and is just the wonderful companion that he hoped for. Here is Ron's first report:


While I don't have any photos yet of the little howler, Sammy is doing fine. He follows me everywhere I go and if I sit for more than 10 minutes, he demands that I pet him. Clearly, Sammy is an affection addict! What a ruckus he kicks up whenever I have to leave the house. He does a wonderful imitation of coyote and a beagle.

Sammy is in love with my backyard. Day or night, sunny or rainy, he loves to drag me around the yard exploring. He does get rather hyper over the two dogs who live next door. He forgets why we went outdoors in the first place. I took Sammy to the vet for a check up and because he was sneezing constantly. The vet said he might have a mild allergy and I am giving him some pills for that. But other than the sneezing, he is in fine health. Sammy loves going next door to my tenant's apartment. He can jump up on his sofa and look out the window. He does this whenever I have to leave and my tenant is tending to him. Sammy leaps onto the back of the sofa to watch me drive out the driveway and he howls.

I also took him over to my business partner's house to meet her and her 3 year old daughter. Sammy was terrified. That's because in another room a rather largish Sheltie was barking her head off. Sammy all but clung to me. However, the 3 year old loves him and even gave him a little kiss. He sort of warmed up to her. I think he'll do better when she comes to our house and Sammy can feel confident he's on his own turf.

Sammy is fascinated with an airvent in the living room wall near the front door. That's because a skunk has settled in for the winter hibernation under my front porch. I suspect Sammy's keen nose and ears can detect that sleeping time bomb. We always check before going out to make sure that the skunk is still hibernating. The birds and squirrels seem to upset him a bit. He wants to chase them. This can be a wrenching experience when walking on the leash. But he is slowly learning to be a bit more well behaved when we are outdoors. He is a remarkably obedient dog and his previous owner obviously took the time to train him to sit and stay and come when called. Sammy seems to prefer the foot of the bed at night but he also loves the large pillows on the sofa in the living room.

Thanks to Sammy, I am getting a great deal more exercise-which I can use-and he is a wonderful companion. Everyone asks how he is doing. Friends are preparing presents for him for Christmas.Adopting Sammy has been a very positive experience for me and I think for him too. He seems like he is very happy and enjoys his new home. Except for those neighbor's dogs!

Ron Mills