SAM update!

Little Sam was the pride and joy of his owner, who recently passed away. Only seven months old, Sam was an orphan! He was turned over to a Sheltie Rescue group in New Hampshire by his owner's widow who was too grief stricken to tend to Sam's training.

We were asked to take Sam into our rescue, and what a pleasure it was! This little boy is such a lovable sweetheart. As luck would have it, Sam didn't have to wait long for his new family. I had been talking with Marci and her son, Michael, about Eskie adoption, and when Sam became available, they were my first choice. These folks were already the proud parents of a beautiful Eskie girl who was just craving a little brother.

And so, I drove down to meet Marci and Michael in New York, where Sam won them over instantly. I have never seen a dog plant so many kisses on his new family before! I drove home with that warm fuzzy feeling that only comes from a home run adoption!

Here are Marci's first reports:

February 25, 2005


Sam is adjusting to his new home pretty well. No shaking or crying. There have been a couple of accidents in the house, but nothing that threw us. Daisy is still adjusting a bit, trying to figure out what's going on, but, she'll be fine. :) Mom took a couple of pictures using her phone last night, and we figured we'd send them along to you. Enjoy!


March 5, 2005

Hi Denise,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Sam is. He is sooo sweet... and him and Daisy are doing fine. They are definitely getting to know each other and it is fun to watch them together. They are both so friendly, so it has been a pleasure having own new addition to our family. My neighbors love Daisy and everyone is falling in love with Sam. I sent along the latest picture and just Thank you again for bringing this sweet baby to us.


January 15, 2008


Just thought I would send you the latest picture of my baby boy Sam. He is soooo good and so sweet and loves to cuddle wih his mom. LOL

What a blessing he is, and Daisy and he are inseparable!!!!

Happy New Year