When we were first contacted by a New Jersey couple about their Eskie/Lab mix Ruby, who needed a new home, we were impressed by the training she had mastered and that she had earned her Good Citizen Certificate. Well, when Diane and I arrived at Ruby's home in New Jersey, the "Good Citizen" roared out of the door, pulling her owner behind and taxing his strength in restraining her, as she ran her big mouth to impress us. Obviously, the Eskie half of the mix at work.

After impressing us for a full ten minutes, Diane ushered Ruby into the back seat, where Ruby curled up for a nap. On the way home, Diane nudged me and pointed at Ruby. "What," I asked. "Do you hear that?" "No, what?" I didn't hear anything. Well, that night I heard it. That girl has a snore that would wake the dead. Toot could not believe her ears. Ruby was thrust into chaos as she plummeted from primadonna status to no status. We had quite a pack at Diane's that weekend, and Ruby just didn't know what to do with herself. As the new kid in the pack, Ruby was the butt of several pack indignities. But, she was such a good girl, and rode back to Massachusetts like a trooper.

The next morning, she met her new Dad, Larry Flynn, and her extended family, Larry's galpal, Christine, and her pair of teeny weeny Peekapoos. Initially, Ruby seemed to have a case of Peekapoo-itis, but it turned out to be a mild case. The Good Citizen was merely making sure that she was going to be the chief cook and bottle washer of this pack. Larry and Christine report that Ruby is doing great, and is breaking in Larry's brand new house. They promise us pictures soon!

Hi Denise,

So far so good; she is a wonderful girl. There was definitely a feeling out process with the other dogs but nothing major. She's getting acclimated to the house and to me pretty well. For the moment, I'm leaving her in the basement while I'm away at work, and that hasn't been too much of a problem. When the weather is cooler and I've unpacked everything, I will probably let her roam the house. Thank you so much for bringing her up. She's great.


update, January 2002:

Hey Denise,

I was looking up your site again and it reminded me I really need to send you some new pictures of Ruby (with all her hair !!!). She's doing really well and is my buddy. She and the little dogs are doing great and they are constantly playing. She's a true joy for me and keeps me laughing all the time.

Larry Flynn the way, she still snores like a hurricane and is completely in control of the house. I'm just a guest :)