Our little Roxy has hit the big time. After an unfortunate twist of fate put Roxy in a household of dimwits for the first year of her life, she has blossomed into a little love, and is finally in a home where she is getting all the love that she so sorely needs. We first learned of Roxy's plight from a concerned friend of her owner's family. The family friend reported to us that Roxy was terribly neglected, and that her family tied her to a bed post 24/7 creating, among other things, a housebreaking nightmare.

Our contact convinced the owners to turn Roxy over to Eskies Online, and on a beautiful sunny day a few weeks ago, Roxy's life improved immediately when she met Diane Gonzalez outside of Macy's in Manhattan. Roxy rode home in Diane's lap, and by the time they were at the house, Roxy had become Diane's little cuddle bunny. And, then the real work began. Diane worked relentlessly to housebreak this confused little girl, and finally, I got an obligatory 5:00am phone call to commemorate Roxy's first pee and poop outside. After that, she caught on quickly. Now, if I could only get Diane to work on Toot.

Our first attempt to place Roxy in a home didn't work out, but, we were secretly glad to have her back! And, then the perfect situation for Roxy surfaced with Diane and Alex Beijer, and their daughters Gabrielle and Renee, in New Hampshire. The situation, complete with Eskie, Timber, and of course, a cat, was tailor made for our little Roxy. And so, the adoption meeting was planned. I drove into Manhattan to pick up Roxy and her traveling mate, Suzy Q, from Diane and Willie Gonzalez. After a leisurely walk up and down Seventh Avenue in search of Cuban Sandwiches, we made our way back to Boston, where Roxy and Suzy Q were introduced to the Angels from God and Irma La Deuce at the unseemly hour of 2:00am. My neighbors sent me a thank you note for the predawn Eskie serenade.

Suzy and Roxie get their first look at Manhattan from the back seat of Denise's VW.

The next morning, Roxy and I set out on the final leg of her journey home. When she met Diane Beijer, her little tail started to wag, and she pulled me right over to Diane's car. Diane and Roxy became fast friends, and Roxy jumped right into her new crate and began playing with her new pink bunny. After speaking with Diane this morning, I hear that Roxy is doing well, although she kept her new family awake by crying in her crate. So out of desperation, the kids let Roxy out and they all slept on the floor together. Roxy and Timber are buddies, sharing toys and chews, and playing up a storm. The cat, however, is beginning to feel left out. Diane promises us pictures and an update soon.