(now MINNIE)

Well, Miss Roxanne's story is a fantastic illustration of the problematic nature of the pet store pup phenomenon. As is so typical with owner surrender situations, Roxanne was purchased in a pet store--this time by a woman who was relying on the promise of her twelve year old daughter to take care of her. Well, the preteen had other things on her mind -- as you would expect -- and Roxy was left to annoy the hell out of Grampa, in his own house!! And so, Grampa gave Roxy the "thumbs down," and Roxy's owner phoned us with a desperate plea for help in placing her girl. I made the trip up to Ipswich, Massachusetts, to pick her up.

Roxanne waited...while Denise learned a lesson familiar to most Massachusetts motorists...

Might I just interject here....that the Ipswich Police do not have enough to do. I was followed for two miles by Officer Friendly, who, after keeping me in suspense for a good 10 minutes, finally pulled me over to clue me in to the fact that my Massachusetts Inspection Sticker was nine months expired. Usually, I don't do a good "Bimbo" impersonation, but, in this case I was genuinely befuddled because it was news to me that I needed to have my brand new car inspected for safety each year. Well...with all the extra income that the Commonwealth bleeds out of unsuspecting motorists....I just know that they are going to invest in some street signs soon.

Back to Roxalicious....I have never seen a cuter Eskie girl in all my life. When I picked her up -- I thought that she had the (nutty) spirit of Kemo in her -- She was not at all glad to see me and refused to walk on her leash. Grampa scowled at her and declared her defective because she couldn't be housebroken. Against his vehement warning that Roxy would bite me, I snatched her up and tried to make it out of Ipswich before I got pinched by the cops again. I was anxious about bringing Roxy into my apartment because of the recent bloodbath that occurred between the Angels From God, Irma La Deuce, and Lovey Dovey -- but, then, I had no choice, so I threw caution to the wind.

...a very cute little Eskie girl...unappreciated by her first owners

Roxanne was "no trouble at all" in Quincy...a sure sign she had been accepted by the Angels From God.

Roxy adapted to the pack instantly, and Toot welcomed her with the old humparoo. It was a relatively quiet night, and then, Roxy went to her spay appointment. I poured through the applications I had on Roxy, realizing that her next home was going to be crucial in her development. At eights months old, she had gotten off to a poor start in life, and I wanted to be sure that her next home would provide the attention and training that she needs. And so, I settled on Jen and Ray Rambin of New Hampshire.

The Rambins had put in an application with us six months earlier, but we did not have a dog for them at the time -- and so, they were lucky enough to adopt Oliver, their beagle puppy. Now that Olvier was six months old, they wanted to add to their family and were interested in Roxy. And, so they came down to meet Roxy and the match was just perfect.


Oliver was a big hit with Nikki and Irma...

Roxy has been re-christened Minnie, and is making great progress. Here is Jen's first report:

Hi Denise!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email. Roxanne (now renamed Minnie in the Disney tradition in our house) has been doing SO well! She was a little shy at first, I think partially from her recent operation and the other part due to the newness of it all. Her first night we put her in her crate and she cried. Oliver has a really big crate so we ending up putting them together and she stopped crying right away-Oliver was very gentle with her too. The next morning, there were no accidents in the crate from either dog!! Minnie did pee a little after she came out of the crate, but it was expected. We decided we would start focusing on her house breaking after a week of adjustment. However, she has gone 3 nights without any accidents and very few accidents in the house. We take her outside and it's like she saw what the other dogs were doing and she's been going to the bathroom right away! The 2nd night my husband slept with her on the couch-no accidents. Last night she slept on our bed-no accidents.

She is such a gem! She has also come out of her shell quite a bit. She just gets so excited when Ray or I come home! Her little curled tail starts going like a hundred miles an hour! She is so snuggly and loves to cuddle on the couch. She likes our kids too! She even let Isabelle hug her-but she has been seen stealing a cracker or 2 from the baby. :-). As a bonus, she and Oliver really love to play. We have to be careful though because I don't want them getting too rough with her recent operation. Oliver's going under the knife himself the next week or so, so they'll both be in recovery together. (I can't wait for him to be neutered-he seems to like to do bad things to all the resident stuffed animals). I've just never had such a fun dog that just has so much love to give! Thank you for adopting her out to us!! Best regards, Jen Rambin