It has been a while since we heard from Sandra Fisher about Rosie. This adorable Eskie girl was rescued from the Center for Animal Care and Control in Manhattan by Ann Harris and Denise Gareau, before Denise moved to Massachusetts. Rosie spent a few weeks at Denise's "hole in the wall" Manhattan apartment with the Angels From God--Nikita, Nadia and Patootie. Rosie was a scared, timid soul who got some starch knocked into her Eskie pantaloons from Nadia and Patoot, who were in the hayday of their bitch brawling phase.

Once Chuck Bruno rescued Rosie from the Angels From God, it was smooth sailing for her! Sandy Fisher and her family adopted Rosie (now renamed Nala). Miss Nala gave them a run for their money at first. The Fishers were not sure that Nala was the right dog for them, but Chuck convinced them to give her more time. And it worked! Now, they are stuck on Nala as much as she is stuck on them! Here is a brief note from Sandy, who promises us pictures soon!



Hi Chuck!

We adopted Rosie from you last year -- when we got her, she was in poor health and afraid of her own shadow. It took her about three months to get used to my husband and even the rest of my family. In the mean time, she drove me absolultely crazy. I couldn't even go to the bathroom alone, and no matter what I did, she was always under my feet. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown because of her lack of independence. We attempted to return her to you, but you encouraged us to wait a while longer. It has now probably been almost two years since we adopted Rosie (Nala), and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling us to wait a bit longer. She is so close to me. I love this dog more than I ever thought that I would. She is the sweetest, most lovable dog. Not only is she wonderful, but she is very smart too. I fell on some leaves and hurt my ankle. She went home to get my kids and, about five minutes later, here she comes with all of my kids behind her. I was upset that she took off running, and I had no idea that she went for help. What a dog! She is the love of my life. Thank you so much for making us keep her. You wouldn't even know her, she has put on so much weight. She looks beautiful and our other dog, also an American Eskimo, get along so great with each other. Once again, I can't thank you enough, Thanks so much, Chuck

The Fisher Family --Happy Adoptive parents of a wonderful dog.