Our Roscoe was a pent-up fireball when we first took him from his owners.  At two years old, he found himself in rescue because his owners' work schedules had changed so drastically that Roscoe was spending far too much time in his crate.  Naturally, a young dog will develop anxiety and stress-related behavior quirks under these circumstances, and Roscoe got into the habit of snapping at strangers and generally becoming New Jersey's foremost Commentator on Everything.

And so, with no time or plan to turn this behavior around, Roscoe's owners asked for our help in re-settling him in better circumstances with folks who have more time for him.  Our first mission was to give Roscoe an attitude adjustment...and there are no folks better able to do that than John and Janine Mignemi, who have fostered (and adopted) some of our most difficult dogs.  In fact, the Mignemis have adopted Mugsy...who is the legendary Eskie that nearly tanked our rescue when he personally drove me to drink and drink...and drink.

And so Roscoe spent a good couple of months in the Mignemi bootcamp, where he blossomed beautifully and learned how to appreciate the companionship of other dogs.  After a while, Roscoe was ready to move onto a forever home.  And, by this time, Velma and Charlie, of Maine, had been wooed by Roscoe's picture and story.  After a few transportation delays, Roscoe and his foster-mate, Christian, made the trek from New York to Boston for a short visit with the Angels From God--Nikita, Nadia and Toot...and of course, Irma La Deuce--and were treated to the usual AFG hospitality/torture chamber 

At last, adoption day approached, and we made the journey to Portland on a gorgeous, sunny day...which was a rarity in this particular New England summer.  Our first stop was to meet Velma and Charlie...and their girls, Sasha, a 10 year old miniature daschund, and Mollie, a two year old King Cavalier Spaniel.  Truly, these girls are two of the cutest and most outgoing ladies, although Miss Sasha does have quite a mouth on her.  Velma and Charlie had done quite a bit of rehab work with Miss Sasha and seem perfectly poised to welcome Roscoe with the right mix of savvy dog experience and love. 

We visited for a while in the garden patio, and I could not believe my eyes as I watched Mollie and Sasha boss Roscoe around.  And yet, he seemed calm and at peace in this environment.  I felt wonderful about the adoption and was glad to hear such positive follow-up from Velma and Charlie: 

June 29, 2006 

Hi Denise, 

Roscoe was a little anxious when you left but seems to be more comfortable now.  It was very nice meeting you and many thanks for doing good works.  More to come in about a week.  


July 16, 2006 

Hi Denise, 

I thought you might like to know that Roscoe is doing well and making progress all the time.  He seems more comfortable now.  In going through all of his vet records, I had the sense that his former owner really cared for him, so I wrote him a letter and included his cat's vet records that were sent by mistake.  Philip was so grateful to know about Roscoe.  He sent me a very nice email and asked me to keep in touch with updates and pictures.   

Please add Roscoe's story to the website.  Hope you are doing well.  I will also send you pictures and updates.  Have a nice weekend.  Many thanks,  


Update, August 2006

Hi Denise,

How have you been?  Roscoe is well and doing fine.  There is just one problem that he has.  Every once in awhile he will charge and bark at Mollie, my cavalier.  Although he does not hurt her, he does scare the crap out of her.  We will continue to keep them seperated when we are not
home and correct him every time this happends.  Other than that he is wonderful.  He responds to our commands and is quite intelligent.  He even knows the names of his toys.  Bye for now and keep in touch.