Hi to Chuck and my Eskie foster siblings at his house. I'm now living way down here in Georgia. Boy, is it hot! Fortunately, I live in an air-conditioned house and only have to go outside when I want to. First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who helped with the Eskie Railroad to transport me down to Virginia -- Chuck and Denise, Linda, Christie, and Amanda. My mom, Marti, came to Amanda's house to adopt me and we drove back to Atlanta. By the time we got home, I was really ready to be out of cars for a while.

I really like my new home and neighborhood. There are lots of shaded places for walks and I've met lots of new canine and human friends. Also, since I am an only dog for now; I have lots of new toys all for myself. I love to play, and I've picked out a couple of toys that are my favorites. I take them to bed with me every night.

This is me settling in on my mom's bed and testing out the firmness of the mattress.

My mom plays with me everyday after she gets home after work. I'm not sure I understand what "work" is but mom says she has to do that so I can have doggie biscuits. My mom stayed home with me for week after we first got home on June 25. Then, after the July 4th Holiday, she had to go back to work. I've been a very good boy while she is at work, but I sure am glad to see her when she gets home.

My mom and I are going to start obedience classses this week. She tells me that I am going to learn to be a therapy dog. She said that I can go to the children's hospital and nursing homes to help cheer up people. I think I will like that a lot. My smile cheers up everybody we meet. At least, that what my mom says.

This is me with my new cousins, Robin and Jason.

I will let you know how the classes for my mom and me progress. I think I'll be the top dog in the class. I'll never forget Chuck for taking me in, or the people who participated in the railroad. Without you guys, I would not be here now.


And here's an update from Riley's adoptor, Marti:

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Riley. Drum-roll, please. He very successfully completed his Basic Manners I class tonight and received his diploma, along with the five other dogs in his class.

I just wanted to tell all those who participated in his rescue and his RR to Amanda's, where I picked him up, that he can now Sit; Sit and Stay for a full minute; Sit and 'Leave It' (sitting while I'm holding a treat in front of his nose) for a full minute or until I tell him to 'take it'; Down for a full two minutes; Come When Called (I know, you don't believe THAT one!); and Heel (well, some of the time). So, Chuck and Denise, Christie, Linda, and Amanda, all of your hard work is paying off.

After the dogs received their diplomas (and a pig nose), our trainer arranged some play time on the agility equipment. You should have seen this little Eskie! After one time through the dog walk (highest point about 3 feet), the small tunnel, the ring, the bar, the long (30 foot) tunnel, the poles for winding through and the sliding board, this dog had it down pat! And, since liver treats were being provided by the trainer for leading the dogs through the coarse, Riley decided he wanted to do it over and over and over and over and over again. He had an absolute ball. I think

I'm going to sign him up for some agility playtime for the next few weeks. Our Basic Manners II class doesn't start until the end of September.

This little Reskie has come a long way. He still has some issues -- nottrusting for everything yet -- but he's coming along so well. I'm learning what 'sets him off' and beginning to be able to see how he was treated at his first home. He certainly was not abused, but I think some methods of punishment were used that causes him to be afraid and defensive. I have a feeling that he was perhaps hit around his head, and maybe a choke collar was used, not in the way it was intended, on him.

But, he's a different dog than when I brought him home the last week in June. You just would not believe how much more relaxed he is. And, now, he's exhausted -- well, as exhausted as an almost two year old Eskie gets.

So, we're off to bed.

Marti and a grinning Riley


Denise and Chuck,

Riley is a very different dog than when he first came here. We are half-way through our intermediate obedience class and he's just doing wonderfully. All of my neighbors comment on how much more settled and secure he is now -- and he truly is. It feels like he's found "home" and he knows it. He's makes me laugh every day and my niece and nephew just love him. When he sees a neighbor on his walks, he goes up to them and sits, waiting for a pet. Everyone thinks he's just the most wonderful dog. Yesterday, he met a 5-month-old Jack Russell female and they had a ball playing together. I was a little uncertain whether or not Riley realized the huge difference in their size and watched him carefully. This Eskie, who at one time would challenge me, let this little female chew him all over and even rolled him over on his back and chewed his ears, nose, etc. Never once did he object at her 'dominance' play. Of couse, he will object to that from a dog closer to his age and size. But, he was so careful with her. When we were ready to leave, I noticed he had blood spots on his ear and neck rough. For a moment, I thought he'd accidently bitten her, or her him. But, her owner and I knew that didn't happen because we heard no yelps from either of them. Then we discovered that she had lost a tooth while tugging at Riley. This little guy has turned into a real love, without loosing his Eskie spirit. Thanks so much for getting this little peskie one to me.

Marti and Riley (I really rule this place!).

April Update!

"Riley had the best time this last weekend. We went to visit his Mimi and Pawpaw (my former mom and dad-in-law). They live on a lake in a small town in Alabama just off I-20 between Atlanta and Birmingham. The back yard is huge and fenced on all sides except the lake side. So, Riley had a day of chasing ducks and squirrels. He would run around like a crazy Eskie until he got hot, and then head for the lake. He rolled in the mud, swam after ducks and generally had a day of being just a playful dog. Then, my nephew brought out one of the remote controlled cars and ran it all over the yard with a dripping muddy Eskie chasing after it. When he would catch it, he would grap one of the wheels in his teeth, flip it over and lay there and bark at it until my nephew would walk across the yard, put it upright again, and start the whole process over. Needless to say, he slept very very well for the next couple of days."