RileyTwo is a beautiful, big boy, who was surrendered by his owner due to ......well....I actually don't know why anyone would give up this amazing dog...But, I digress... Riley spent a few wonderful weeks at Chuck Bruno's Eskie Spa, sunning himself and lollygagging by the pool. He is quite a swimmer! After a nice vacation, Riley was snapped up by Samantha Bielkewicz and her children from Albany, New York. Samantha fell in love with RileyTwo from his pictures on the internet (is that what they mean by cyberlove?).


Chuck and Denise met Samantha and her children in Albany. Riley loved them immediately! He gave them tons of Eskie kisses while the kids patted him. He rode well in the car on the way home, and Samantha reports that he is making himself quite at home! We are looking forward to more pictures and stories from Samantha! Here is what she has sent so far. (Riley has a couple of issues to work out, but luckily for him, his sweet personality has won him a patient, loving family.)




Riley is settling in. He loves the kids--they ran and played all day. He is funny! When we got home I made lunch for us. When I sat down to eat, he jumped into my lap and started eating my lunch right out of a bowl on my lap. All I could do was laugh. It was really funny. He will not be doing that every day--but it was cute. He has quite the personality. He keeps going to the bathroon in the house although I take him out often. We really like him. He is so lovable. I thought you would want to know how he was doing.