Reno is a lucky, lucky boy! He was sprung from the Center for Animal Care and Control in Manhattan by Kevin Lewis, along with Miss Petunia and Suki. In this valiant triple rescue, Kevin managed to get all the dogs home safely on the subway! I don't know how he does it! These three Eskies brought Kevin's foster total to an all time high of twelve dogs. Luckily, we had wonderful families waiting to adopted these angels. But, when Karen Titus first called us; and we heard that she had a brand new baby, we thought a precious peskie might be too much for the family to handle! But, persistence paid off -- Kevin Titus made quite an impression on us with stories of his very lovely and talented daughter, who has a keen interest in dog training. And, so we introduced Reno to the Titus family over the weekend, and he fell for the young lady immediately! Although, Toot hates driving in New Jersey where the street signs are scarce, the Angels From God where quite the hospitable chauffeurs as we drove Reno to his new home in our snappy, red rental car. Here is our first update from Kevin:


Just a short note to say thank you for bringing Reno into our family. He has adjusted well and absolutely adores our daughter, who started the whole process, and he just loves to be with the family . After a real tough week with a bad case of "kennel cough" and sinus infection he is doing well. We love having him and will keep you up to date on how spoiled he becomes.

Kevin Titus and Family

Reno, in the back seat--Toot, Nadia and Nikki in front


Just a short note to update you on Reno. Reno has come a long way in learning to love and trust people. We still don't know all that he faced in early life--both good and bad, but he is certainly a different dog than he was in December. Courtney, our daughter and the initiator of the adoption, and Reno are life long best friends. They have both completed 2 obedience classes at the local PETSMART and just passed the AKC "Canine Good Citizen" test. What an accomplishment for both. Courtney's desire is to have Reno become a therapy dog, and he is on his way. Thank you again for the chance to rescue and love one of these wonderful dogs.

The Titus Family