Quinn has a special place in our hearts. It is often tough to find the right home for a nine year old dog, and we were sad to learn that his owner was going to give him up after all this time. Quinn had lived a very pampered life, with lots of love and attention before his owners had their two children. Suddenly his life changed, and he was pushed aside, ignored and kept in the basement for a good deal of the time, away from the kids. Months went by, and we did not have any options for Quinn, and could not take him into our already-overcrowded foster home system. Quinn's owners became increasing frustrated and felt that putting him to sleep was their only option.


Miraculaously, within the next few days, we were contacted by Lynn Esty, of Vermont, who was so moved by Quinn's predicament, that she drove down to Massachusetts that weekend to adopt him. Quinn's owners dropped him off at Denise Gareau's home, where he spend a few hours doing his best to avoid the Angels From God, Nikita, Nadia and Patootie. The tension rose to fever pitch when Quinn left his crate for a brief second to investigate a disturbance on the terrace, and returned to find Nikita rummaging around in his crate. Nikita snatched Quinn's rawhide chew, and Denise held her breath waiting for the ax to fall.


The ax never fell. Somehow, the dogs all got along...and were actually friendly by the time Lynn and her daughter, Ashley arrived. Lynn had crocheted Quinn a blanket and we spread it down on the floor of the terrace and proceeded to ply him with treats, kisses and belly scratches. Quinn was in heaven, and we knew that he was going to get the love and attention that he desperately needs! Lynn and Ashley stayed for some time playing with Quinn, and by the time they were ready for the long trek back to Vermont, Quinn was acting like he owned them. He jumped right into the back of the mini van and wound up sitting in the front seat, gleefully watching everything out the window! When they arrived home, Quinn met the rest of the family, husband, Mike, and daughters Mikala and Emma. After all the introductions, Quinn was a tired boy, and spent a quiet night in his crate. The next morning, Lynn took him to meet the neighbors, and to her barn to meet the horses. She reports that he is doing wonderfully well with everyone, and everyone that sees him wants an eskie! Here is what Lynn has to say....and she promises to update us with pictures soon!


Quinn is doing great. He rode home in the front seat last night. He is quite a charmer when he wants to be. He is still a little stand-offish with the girls (ages 7, 8 and 10), but warms up to them after he has been around them a little bit and knows that they aren't going to hurt him. Quinn is quite vocal when he wants to go out or when something happens that is new and surprising that he isn't quite sure about. I gave him a bath today, and he is doing much better - his hair is fluffy and he smells much better. Quinn knows how to sit, stay, lay down and heel. Quite a good dog - can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to keep him. Quinn also gets along well with our beagle/cockapoo mix. They didn't see eye to eye about me petting them both at the same time, but after a very short time out after some growls were exchanged, they came out and kissed each other on the nose. We will work on getting him adjusted with the girls, but he is doing fine as long as they go really, really slow with him. He has been the perfect gentleman. He hasn't had an accident in the house and walks on the leash really well. I will send you some pictures later this week of Quinn and his girls and his new Buddy.

Lynn Esty

Another Update--October 11th!!


Quinn has settled in very well. He is now sleeping on the bed with Buddy, my husband Mike and me. Quinn is also now a big foster brother for Comet and Juno. Everyone Quinn meets falls in love with him. He is also becoming quite attached to the girls.

Whenever Emma, our youngest, lays on the couch to read, he insists she move over so she can read to him. They also climb into his dog crate with him and pet him and he falls asleep on their legs and won't let them out because he wants their undivided attention. Quinn rides everywhere with me and he has wonderful manners. He is a great mascot for the Heart Bandits program here in Vermont. I can't imagine why anyone would say he is not good with children or other dogs. Quinn has had no problems with the other dogs or the girls running around the house. When he wants to be quiet, he just curls up on our bed or climbs into his crate to take a nap. We love him!




Buddy, Mikala, Ashley, Emma and Quinn