update!--January 2006

Well....what a reversal of fortune for these two pups. On Tuesday they were amidst humble surroundings in the backyard of their Portland, Maine, home--fighting off a veritable army of fleas. Tonight they are happily on their way home to be pampered and spoiled as is every Eskie's right.

Miss Sabrina and Miss Shayna are the accidental result of a tryst between a pair of one year old Eskies who had the nerve to hit puberty before their owners swung into action on the spay/neuter. The owners asked for our help in placing the pups because they hadn't been able to find homes for them and were in the middle of a move to Florida. So, we took a trip to Portland and came home with two adorable Eskie girls.

Shayna and Sabrina say goodbye to their fleas.

Even Irma cannot distract Sophia from the puppies.

Sabrina and Shayna were quite a popular item on our website, and we had dozens of people interested in them. I was quite taken with Sophia Bilides and, after speaking with her on the phone, thought that she was the perfect mom for one of our girls. And THEN....Sophia decided that she'd like to adopt the pair of girls! Well, Sophia and Tom came to visit the girls and were quite smitten with them. The girls seemed to warm up quickly, possibly taking their cues from the Angels From God and Irma La Deuce who did everything they could to distract the adopters. That Irma knows how to work a room.

After quite some time, we all knew that the pups were going home with Sophia and Tom. They were eager to adopt after having lost their beloved Eskie, Bianca, to a fatal heart condition last year at the ripe old age of 14. They felt it was time to get back into the saddle of dog ownership -- and these girls are the perfect pair for them. Sophia and Tom promise to update us soon with pictures. We look forward to hearing from them.


Here is our first update...January 2003...the girls are now six months old.


Dear Denise,

I thought you might like an update and some pictures of Roza and Rita, or "the girls" as we've come to call them. It is definitely true that two Eskies are doubly adorable, and Tom and I can't imagine our home with just one dog anymore - the four of us are a very contented pack.

Rita keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

Roza relaxes on the couch.

The pups love their daily walk in the park (what cold weather?) and enjoy playing together - they ignore the fact that I buy two of every toy and insist on wrestling over one at a time (typical kids). Roza aka Pooh Bear, the calm one, likes to give ear kisses and wants us nearby, but she needs her space, while little Rita Petita, the hyper one, likes to curl up on our laps, when she's not critiquing the entire neighborhood.

Rita is the curious type.

The girls have been spayed (they're no longer bitchin' babes, just babes), and we've started puppy school. I must admit a drawback to working at home - I don't get much done because I spend a whole lot of time just watching them, not to mention playing and cuddling with them at the slightest excuse. They are very sweet girls, and we love them dearly. Thank you for bringing them to us, and for all the good work that you do! Wishing you a wonderful new year, Sophia & Tom

The girls at three months....

...and at six months.

Read more about the girls in the Angels From God story, "The Power of Prayer"


Update! January 2005

Dear Denise,

Roza and Rita just wanted to wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful, and Eskie-full New Year!

With thanks,

Sophia and Tom

Update, January 2006



Dear Denise,

Roza & Rita wanted you to have their latest glamour shots, along with an action photo of them as fearless (make that blasé) "aquadogs" (we do all the rowing, they just stay in the canoe and watch the river, to the delight of everyone on shore, of course). They have worked very hard all year on being cute Eskies, which actually isn't very hard at all, so let's just say they lead the cushy life to which all Eskies should be destined.

We wish you a healthy, happy, and peaceful New Year, filled with Eskie cheer and rescues with happy endings. Thank you again for all your good work.

Warmly (and covered with dog hair),
Sophia & Tom