(formerly known as Princess)

Our Princess surely has a story to tell...and we only know the half of it!  She arrived at Manhattan Animal Care and Control as a stray, suffering a traumatic eye injury that left her right eye dangling out of its socket.  The only course of action was to remove the eye and stitch it up.  Princess was released to another rescue group and made her way to upstate New York to await adoption.

Flash forward a few months...and Princess is out for a stroll along a busy road, collarless and tagless.  She was approached by a priest, who resided at a nearby Monastery. The priest passed her along to a group of nuns who run a retirement home nearby.  The nuns had recently lost their dog and were happy to care for Princess. In fact....they were eager to welcome her into their order as the Nun Mascot.  And, they were just as eager to get Princess vet checked and a much need bath, so they took her to a local animal hospital.  After hearing " The Nun's Tale," (excuse the Chaucer joke), the vet scanned Princess's microchip, which tracked back to New York Animal Care and Control.  The vet refused to treat Princess, claiming that it was illegal to treat a dog if ownership cannot be proven.  And, the kind hearted nuns could not prove ownership, so Princess was out of luck, and yet lucky that she hadn't been hit by a car, really needing medical attention.  Honestly, can you imagine a law that would prevent nuns from helping a one-eyed, seventeen pound stray dog?   

In many ways, Princess adapted well to the nuns' situation.  She was quite the elegant lady as she ensconced herself in their kitchen.  Initially she was very friendly, bounding onto the head nun's lap for hugs and snuggles.  In fact, it is safe to say that Princess knows how to work a room.  She snarfed down all her food and treats and made herself right at home, clearly angling for a permanent position.

This would have been quite the swell life for Princess...however, we know too well how Eskies can screw up a one car funeral if left to their own devices.  Soon, Princess lulled the nuns into a false state of trust, and they mistakenly introduced her to their retiree charges.  Of course dog therapy work takes a good deal of specialized training and requires a certain calm nature in a dog. This assignment was premature in Princess's case.  Our petite minx did not react well to all of the excitement and attention.  Ok....if the truth must be told... she bit some well-meaning senior who reached over her bum eye. 

At this point, we were called because pain in the ass dogs are our specialty. I have bilateral pains in the ass, Toot and Mystikal, who both came from New York ACC...it must be that certain New York edge.  The retirement home Administrator tracked us down through Manhattan ACC, and I was told that this tiny terror had scared the crap out of a bunch of nuns.  Now, as a product of a Catholic University and familiar with ladies in habit....I was not convinced it was possible to scare a nun.  I can remember a certain Sister Mary Brian Durkin who scared the crap out of me.  But, let's not underestimate the powers of a seventeen pound American Eskimo Dog.

And so, we dispatched our scary dog operative, Janine, to bring her into our fold.  Absolutely nothing scares Janine, and she thought Princess was a powder puff.  We were able to get control of this little girl with ease, and as soon as we posted her photos on our website, we were contacted by Sarah, of Massachusetts, who was smitten by Princess's story.  Sarah is definitely on our A List of adoptors.  Sarah has a senior Eskie, Powder, and two spitfire Pomeranians....one of whom, may secretly be the former Star of Gremlins.

Sarah drove up in a fantastic looking jeep with the entire pack strapped into seat belts.  Princess jumped right into the front and claimed her place as Sarah's sidekick. The adoption has been a resounding success, and Sarah has sent us several great notes and pictures.  Clearly Princess...now Flurry... has picked up some people skills.

October 24, 2007

Hey There,

Here's a cute picture of the dogs at the top of the stairs at 5:45 a.m. today, right after we all took our morning walk. Flurry's even more energetic than Misty (the Pom on the left) so we're glad for that because they're able to play together a lot.  As you can see, they're all getting along wonderfully.  I'll write a more detailed update soon, and I'll snap some video of Flurry catching things with her paws!!!

December 5, 2007


Denise, I adore this dog! I'm sure you're getting really sick of hearing it. She's added so darned much to our lives. She and Misty play like puppies every morning before I go to work, and she sticks by Powder's side when we're out walking, which Powder really enjoys. At night she sleeps either on top of my pile of pillows, next to Tuxedo, or else curled right up next to me. She is having a blast, and she has added so much that we never knew was missing until she came on board. Just wanted to let you know how much we adore her. She is awesome, and I know she's having a blast with us, too.


December 10, 2007


How are you doing? Flurry is getting better and better all the time. She let me groom her out a lot yesterday, for the first time, and she was very relaxed. She had no problem because she watched me do Powder and Misty first, and she was actually jealous! She had a great trip over to see Grandma yesterday, and she crashed in my father's chair with Misty, Tuxedo, and me while I did stuff on my laptop.  My father's in the hospital so that's why the gang and I went over to cheer up my mom. It worked. EVERYONE LOVES FLURRY, and luckily, everyone's healthy these days.