Our little Mariposa is an all time favorite of ours. We rescued her from the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control about four years ago, just in time for her to accompany Ann and her Eskies Perry and Greta on their first trip to Boston, after my pain-in-the-ass interstate move from Manhattan.

Greta confronts Poe.

That weekend, we had six Eskies between us, and we were much impressed with the way Poe held her own, particularly against the indefatigable Greta Garbo. Honestly, had Greta been the slightest bit hospitable, Poe would have become a Manhattanite.

But, alas, it was not to be! So we began to interview adopters for Miss Poe. After a long search, we settled on our friend Shayne, from Long Island, who adopted Poe. Little Miss lived the life of a princess on Long Island and was truly loved and doted on. Unfortunately, health issues arose that prevented Shayne from keeping her permanently.

After much ado, Shayne asked us to find another home for Poe. The health crisis had escalated to emergency status and we had to make an impromptu trip to Long Island to retrieve Poe. Now, this was at a time when I had my friend of 25 years, Susan, visiting from Chicago. I had promised that there would be no dog emergencies during her visit. Well, one thing I have learned in the last eight years....there is no damn vacation in rescue.

And so, I notified Susan of the impending 12 hour round trip to Long Island, but softened the proposal with the promise of a big boat ride...because the only reasonable way to get to Shayne's was via ferry over the Long Island Sound. When we hit land, our directions were missing a piece, and we wound up driving in circles for a bit. Finally, we straightened ourselves out, and managed to roll into Shayne's just in time to snatch Poe and turn around to make the ferry home.

Poe makes sure everything is packed.

Well, it was not as quick a snatch as we expected because of Poe's luggage. Honestly, I have traveled Europe with fewer accoutrements. We packed the trunk, the back seat, and the floor of the back seat, and barely had room for the twelve pound Poe.

We were frazzled on the drive back because we were running very late for our ferry, but then, we lucked out and found ourselves in the Long Island North Fork wine country, amidst a myriad of Sunday afternoon tastings. Suddenly, the ferry rush seemed moot, and we decided to relax and do the tourist trip. I was extremely relieved that I could put this type of spin on a dog emergency, because, that way, I would not have to listen to Susan's big mouth.

Eventually, we made our way home, and Poe was a very good girl on the ferry, indeed. And she was a good girl in the car, too. And so, Poe met up once again with the Angels From God, and fell back into the old dog pack routine. She stayed with us for about a week, until, the perfect adopters turned up.

I had been contacted by Erika, whose parents, Ellie and Walter, were eager to adopt an Eskie. They had lost their Eskie girl recently and were quite despondent over the loss. After speaking with them, I became convinced that Poe finally had her forever home. And so, Susan and I made the trip to Albany to meet them, and when they drove up in their Mercedes, Poe jumped right in, onto Walter's lap, before he could even get out of the car. Once a Princess, always a Princess. I, for one, get a royal charge out of seeing a rescue dog zoom away in a luxury car.

Ellie and Walter's reports have been amazing. Poe has charmed their entire family, and has taken to sleeping on Walter's head. What a truly happy ending for this adorable little girl!

Here is Erika's first report:

April 28, 2005

Hi Denise,

Poe is doing fine, very attached to my father already. She loves her new home and we all love her. Keep ya updated!