PETUNIA--now known as Snow Princess (latest update!)


What's in a name? Well, I have been trying to name one of our Heart Bandits girls "Petunia" for a year now.....and I get outvoted every time. This time, though, Petunia's name stuck because she came in and out of our system too quickly for anyone to change it! Petunia was part of a five dog rescue from the Center For Animal Care and Control in Manhattan by Kevin Lewis. Kevin took the pack home to Staten Island, and that brought his foster total up to 13 dogs. No wonder he was frazzled when I picked him up for Adoption Day!! Petunia is an adorable cutie, very petite and dainty. She was scared to death in the shelter and became very attached to her crate for security. When she met her new humans, William and Carol Seabrook, we had to drag her out of the crate! The Seabrooks had been waiting for quite some time for the right little girl to come along to join their family. They had just taken in a very young eskie puppy and were delighted to have Petunia to keep her company. Here is the first report on Petunia. As you can see the name Petunia just will not stick!

Hi Denise,

Just dropping you a line to let you know that Petunia--renamed Snow Princess-- is really settling in nicely. She and our other Eskie puppy Snow Bear like to play. They get alone real well. We took her to our vet Friday, and he says she's healthy. She weighs almost 17 pounds now. Her surgery scar has healed nicely. She is such a sweet, loving puppy I don't know how anyone could give her up. Have a picture of Princess and Bear playing Christmas day which I would love to send you. But I don't have equipment to send over the Internet. I'm going to see if my son can do that for me in the next couple of days. If he can't, then I'll have to send them snail mail.

Best wishes,

Carol and Bill Seabrook