Our lovely Nadia is a gregarious beauty who loves everyone! This beautiful, black and tan German Shepherd lost her beloved Owner and family pack, when he recently passed. Nadia's owner was a big hearted rescuer, and all his girls were rescued from various nefarious situations, but then he fell into a long period of debilitating illness. Between seven and eight years old, Nadia is the oldest of her housemates, all three beautiful rescue German Shepherds, who were shortchanged on their happily ever after.

Nadia is a large, active herder, at an athletic weight of 62 pounds. She could easily gain a few pounds via healthy diet and exercise to be at an optimal weight of 70 pounds. Her short, flat coat that is soft to touch and easy to groom. She doesn't seem to shed much, although she loves to be brushed. Nadia has the breed characteristic good nature, and seems somewhat laid-back and demure. She enjoys the companionship of her people. And yet, she seems to have a slight sadness about her, and is likely feeling confused and disoriented with the rescue process.

Nadia has a very genial nature. She is a sociable dog, and while she has not had much background in obedience, she has grasped the basics and seems to enjoy the training exercises. She certainly is food motivated, and will respond to positive rewards based training as well as leadership work.

Nadia is easy to walk on lead, and has a moderate exercise level. She would be happy with a few leisurely to brisk leash walks daily, and a game of frisbee. She would be the ideal walking or hiking companion, but then she can be counted on to take a long nap afterwards.

Nadia would be a great choice for a moderately active single or couple, or a recent retiree. She could easily do well in an apartment lifestyle, and can be trusted home alone for short periods of time. Nadia seems to get along with other dogs, and she could easily join a multi-dog home. She is a pretty good all-around companion dog, and needs to be in an environment where the next phase of her life will be spent center stage, showered.with the love and attention of Shepherd lovers.

Nadia has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during her transition to a new home. At the age of seven to eight, Nadia is in great health, and has been spayed. She also has had a recent dental cleaning, and had two extractions. Her pre-op bloodwork was normal, and provides baseline values for adopters going forward to monitor good health.

Nadia has received routine vaccinations and health screenings, and has been dewormed. She has been on regular heeartworm and flea/tick prevention. If you are interested in Nadia, please write to Denise at Angelsfrgod@aol.com, or call/text Denise at 860 908 9738 for more info.

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