Montana occupies truly a unique place in our rescue effort! This beautiful boy is one of the gentlest, and sweetest Eskies we have seen come out of the New York CACC....sweet, that is, unless there is food in the vicinity. Montana seems to be making up for lost time when food is involved. This six year old was released to Heart Bandits by the Manhattan CACC, where--unfortunately--he caught a severe case of kennel cough. While fostered in New York, he had to be quarantined away from the other dogs, and absolutely hated it!


When we moved Montana to Lynn Esty's in Vermont, we discovered that he had a whopping case of separation well as a dose of fleas and some extremely questionable breath!! When Lynn took Montana to the vet, we made an amazing discovery. I got one of those, "Are you sitting down" Lynn Esty calls. She informed me that when the vet prepared to neuter Montana, he discovered that one testicle had not decended. So, an invasive surgery was needed to remove the other testicle...except there wasn't one. Instead, the vet found a uterus. This sweet girl/boy had both sex organs! Our very first Heart Bandits hermaphrodite. And, when the vet examined Montana's teeth, there was such severe decay that the poor thing had to have EIGHTEEN teeth removed. What a trauma....yet, during his recuperation from massive abdominal and dental surgery, Montana managed to drive Lynn's husband Mike to distraction with some rather creative attention-getting, staccato barking!

Montana lounging with Lynn's daughter Emma.



After a couple of weeks of recuperation, Lynn found the perfect home for Montana. Mac Frantzen and his wife were looking for a sweet-natured Eskie to add to their canine family. The Frantzens live on a large property in rural Vermont and have a wonderful mix of pets. Their only requirement was that the dog be housebroken. And, so, Lynn Esty worked like a fiend to convince Montana that he should pee outside. Her efforts paid off! He made dramatic improvement. By the time he met the Frantzens, he was nearly there. This was one of those meetings that leave no doubt from the get-go that the match is perfect. Montana jumped into Mom Frantzen's lap and did not move for the duration of the interview! Lynn reports that she has spoken to the Frantzens' several times. Montana has settled in like he has lived there forever! Finally, he has a forever home where he is pampered and loved as all Eskies should be!