Molly really stole everyone's heart! She is an example of one of our best group efforts. Our friends at the Manhattan Center for Animal Care and Control, Sharon and Shiovan, first called us on a Sunday about a very sweet stray Eskie mix that had turned up at their shelter. I drove down from Boston, picked up Ann Harris in Manhattan, and we made our way to the Manhattan shelter to meet Molly.



We were amazed at the Molly's gentle, friendly nature, despite a severe hip injury and open wound on her leg. It looked as if she had been the victim of a hit and run car accident. She was about to be transported out of the CACC on a stretcher, when this bundle of joie de vivre, stood up and hobbled out of her crate onto a dolly....where she was rolled out to the car. Instantly, Molly made friends with Ann, as she flopped on Ann's lap, rolling over on her back, sharing her considerable flea collection. She posed amiably for several website photos before we made our way to New Jersey, to meet Diane Gonzalez.

We spent the evening at the emergency room, in Columbia, New Jersey, where the vet reported the bad news. Molly's hip was dislocated, and because the hip joint had been out of the socket so long, the prognosis for full recovery was slim. The worst case scenario was to be a complicated orthopedic surgery. The best case scenario was that the hip joint would easily snap into the socket, and a splint might hold the joint in place so that it could heal. We sat there for some time expecting the worst!! The vet agreed to start with the splint approach and see how that might work, before surgery. Molly went under anesthetic for the manipulation, and within a few hours, the vet reported that she had done really well, and judging from the ease with which the hip popped back into the socket, and her age, she had a good chance of recovering full range of motion. He also reported that Molly was an exceptional dog, and she had stolen his heart with some strategic kisses!!

So, we picked up our girl in the morning, her leg tightly bound into a tape splint. She made great time hobbling on three legs to the car! Once at Diane's house, Molly settled right in and became one of the family. After a few days, Diane noticed that Molly's knee joint was becoming swollen. The vet removed the splint since she had healed so beautifully! At one year old, her little body was fighting back! We put some pretty pathetic pictures of Miss Molly on the internet....she couldn't be bathed for a while because of her injuries...but nonetheless, Cheryl and Matt Dunlap of Massachusetts spotted Molly online and knew right away that this was the dog for them. Our discussions with Cheryl and Matt bore out that conclusion! They are a wonderful young couple, and Molly is the perfect girl for them. This is Matt's first dog, and Molly has made a convert out of him! Here is Cheryl's first report:

Hi Denise and Diane,

I hope you both are doing well. Sorry it's taken me forever to touch base. Molly has kept our hands so full with attention and adjusting that this is the first minute I've had to sit and write. She is doing wonderful!! Last week was definitely an adjustment for all of us. I don't think Molly or I slept well that first night...Every time she moved I sat up to make sure she was o.k., and she was walking around a lot. For the most part she is excellent at going to the bathroom outdoors, but we tend to have little accidents with the peeing here and there. We took her to her first checkup at the vet on Friday. It went well and they got us started on Heartworm and gave us the flea and tick treatment. They also gave her the vaccination for Lyme disease which we have to go back for a second treatment of in a few weeks. They checked out her hip. It was a bit sensitive as she worked it, so her exercise is still slightly limited while her hip continues to heal. Molly's made quite a few friends in the neighborhood on her daily walks, and everyone who meets her adores her. We took her with us to Petworld yesterday, and she met the sweetest Golden Retriever. They were so cute and sweet together.

The only setback we had was on Saturday. Molly woke up not feeling too well. She had diarrhea and not too long after began vomiting. Matt and I were very concerned and called the vet. Matt brought her in, and they really couldn't find any direct reason. They gave us some medication for her food and a blander diet for now. When Matt got her home again, she vomitted one more time so we called back and brought her back in. They did some xrays to see if there was anything blocking the intestines at all. They found nothing and concluded that her gastro infection must not have fully healed and was irritated. So we got some medication for that. I'm happy to say she had her appettite back on Saturday evening and has not vomitted since. Sunday we had a wonderful day together, though Molly did seem a bit more mellow than her perky self. She definitely had her appetite back which was a good sign, and today...she was back to her perky and happy little self. I was extrememly relieved of that. The vet called to see how she was doing. We also heard that her blood test came back fine and her heartworm came back negative.


She's been receiving gifts from friends and family...she hasn't taken to the tennis ball with us yet, but she loves her stuffed monkey doll. She's definitely making herself at home with her own little favorite spots around the house...including our ottoman in the tv room. :) I should be picking up a couple of pictures tomorrow and will try to get some out in the mail to you. Again, Matt and I can not thank you two enough for saving Molly and bringing her to our lives. She lightens up each day with her smile and is so precious to our family already. Thanks so much again and we will be in touch again soon!

Take care,