Millie's family was in turmoil after "Dad" was deployed to the Middle East, and the rest of the family was headed for temporary housing that would not accept Millie. After a tearful good-bye near Albany, Miss Millie watched with astonishment as Toot nearly strangled herself trying to provoke a vehicular argument. I had securely tied Toot and Nadia into the front seat to prevent this very exchange. And yet, mere restraint cannot impede Toot when she is intent on expressing her opinion. Millie's folks gave me her vari-kennel which looked like it might have been big enough for her when she was 3 days old, but now, was clearly too small. And so, I did the unthinkable...purely for spatial economies, I let Millie ride in the back seat on a comfy pillow, and I put Nikita in her crate. For the next six hours, I could feel a pair of steely, pissed off, black eyes boring a hole into the back of my head, through the slats of the crate, as I drove the passengers to New Jersey.

Big Car Ride!!

I didn't know what to expect from Millie -- advance reports had indicated that she might not appreciate the attentions of strangers...but the advantage of the day's game plan was first in the big long, long car ride. Eskies are notoriously nosey creatures, and a big car ride always captures their attention. But, the second obvious advantage lay in the companionship of so many other cantankerous Eskies. Millie was distracted into thinking I was her best friend. She sat straight up during the whole six hour drive, sometimes with eyes closed, but then she would startle awake, afraid she would miss something good.

I was scheduled to meet Diane Gonzalez at a designated stop off of the New Jersey Turnpike, and we were going to play musical cars. The plan was for Diane to jump into my car and accompany me to Millie's adoption, and Willie Gonzalez, was going to drive her car home. On second thought, there was no room for Diane in the car, so we decided to send Nikita home with Willie, and put Nadia, Toot and Irma La Deuce in the back seat.

Nikita is not accustomed to such an affront to his dignity.

Nikita hurled some pretty foul language at me as he was plopped from one car to another by the side of the road. I believe his complaint to the ASPCA for criminal animal abuse is still pending. And to make matters worse, Willie Gonzalez was not sure what dog he had....and was deliberately cautious about letting Nikita out of the crate..... his judgment based on the reputations of some recent houseguests at the Gonzalez household.

After we sorted things out, Diane jumped into the driver's seat of my car and we took off for George Plummer's house. We had been talking with George for some time about adopting Millie, and finally, today was the day. George couldn't have been more excited! He had recently lost his shepherd mix, MacGruff, to old age-related illnesses, and he was anxious to adopt a companion for himself and his 11 year old Eskie, Bailey.

Millie, accompanied by Diane Gonzalez, meets George.

When we arrived at George's, it seemed to me that Millie was quite glad to get away from the Angels From God contingency...which I was glad to see because I knew then that she would be receptive to her new situation. She made herself at home in George's beautiful home, while we set out for the back deck for coffee and chit chat. Over the course of an hour or so, Millie was relaxed as she investigated her surroundings.

As soon as we left, Millie made herself at home and has completely charmed George, and is winning over Bailey, day by day.

Here is George's first report:

Hi, Diane and Denise,

-- Here is an update on Millie, Day 1. As you know, she was a little shy on the first day. We did go for a walk. After the walk she let me remove the lead and collar. To my surprise she seemed happy it was off and became more relaxed. At bedtime Millie made herself quite at home, she climbed right onto the bed and managed to push Bailey off the end. Bailey remained the gracious host and allowed her to sleep there all night.

Day 2, Morning walk Bailey and Millie walked together very well. Millie is still having issues with me placing collar around her neck. She shies away and when I am able to put it on her she gets so nervous she urinates and thinks I will scold her. I don't. She also has problems if I try to pet her while standing with my hand coming straight down on her head. If I sit and pat her from the side she doesn't react. She did let me groom her. A big step, she came to me for attention. Bought Millie toys to play with, you might have thought I was Santa! She was delighted! We played for a very, very long time. Bailey was very smug (he didn't like toys as a pup) and thought Millie and I were crazy! Second walk of the day Millie is not used to having so much exercise and but tolerates the walk. Bed time again Millie forces Bailey off the bed.

Day 3, I returned to work and let Bailey and Millie have the house all to themselves. When I returned all was well. All goes well until Millie wants to play with Bailey and gets a little frisky. Before I could intervene Bailey acts and gets a mouthful of fur, no harm done to either party. Just your basic disagreement. Bailey has been a perfect gentleman up until this point. Millie is excited today about going for her walks and allows me to put her collar on with no problems and she allows me to pat her while standing with my hand coming down on top of her head. (this is real progress). We also establish bed protocols Bailey sleeps at the foot of the bed as he always did and Millie has a large comfy pillow to sleep on. This seems to please all concerned including me, now I can move in the bed (Millie is a bit over weight).

Day 4, Millie is adjusting to the routines and is becoming more at ease with me and Bailey. She follows me all over the house and demands attention now. She looks forward to her walks and has adjusted to her new diet (no people food). She loves the yard and likes lying on the deck. Bailey is accepting her more and more. They really seem to get along. Bailey was on the sofa with me and Millie decided that she want to join us soooo......she jumped up on the sofa and sat on Bailey. What a picture!!!!!!!!

Day 5, Millie goes everywhere I go. This morning she helped me pick my attire for work, she checked each closet that I opened -- I'm not quite sure she approved!!. She has become very loving, sweet, and has found a way to my heart. She is a welcome addition to my home.

Thanks So Much

George Plummer

Hi Denise,

Sorry I haven't been in touch. Just a quick update on Millie. She is doing just fine. She went to the vet last week. Her health is very good, but she weighs 55 pounds and I know she's lost some weight. She has a long way to go. The vet said because she's spayed she will be a little overweight. She and Bailey are getting on very well. She grows more lovable each day! They both go to the groomer this week, which I am very happy about, my house is starting to look like a giant white fur ball!. I know I promised some pictures, I will get them to you soon.

George Plummer