NOTE: This girl adopted a dog named Snowflake from Chuck before we hooked up with the SOB. So -- since we didnt have an adoption story on Snowflake -- I am incorporating one here -- you might have old SNOWflake pix from the chuck days -- not sure -- dont sweat it. Mickey was found as a stray in Philadelphia and was rescued by our friend, Dorrie who fostered him, and his housemate, Timmie for several weeks. Once we had fosterspace available, Mickey was moved to Diane Gonzalez's home in New Jersey where he proved himself to be an absolute doll. After we spent a few weeks with Mickey, we were contacted by Kristin Alessi, who had adopted a Heart Bandits dog last year, Snowflake. Kristin had done a great job with Snowflake, and we were so pleased that she wanted to adopt a second eskie. Mickey's adoption meeting went great -- and he charmed Kristen into taking him home right then and there! Then, after he settled in and made himself at home, he proceeded to chew up her couch....among other things! We received a few panicked calls from Kristin, but it looks like she has gotten a handle on the problems....with some help from Mom!! Never underestimate the power of an eskie to screw up a good thing! Seriously, Kristin's story is a wonderful example of an adopter problem-solving the eskie's issues, and being patient enough to work things out. Kudos, Kristen! She recently contacted us with these wonder photos of her eskie 2-pack. ----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: Date: 11/17/2001 9:58:48 PM Eastern Standard Time From: To: Hi Denise, I just wanted to send you a picture of Mongomery (Micky) Nicky (Snowflake from Chuck Bruno) and myself... We're all doing well, it was a rough start but a great finish!