People don't usually think of me as the gullible type...but, apparently, I will believe anything. At least this was the case when I selected adopters for our Maggie May. The picture of suburban life that I witnessed at Maggie's adoption was idyllic...I mean...the husband had Mickey Mouse imprinted on his shirt AND gotta love a guy who pays proper homage to the big Mick.

But, alas, it was a sham....gross fakery! This picture perfect household was seething with discord...I just didn't see it. Four months later the marriage ended in flames and Maggie May was returned to me...along with their other dog, Kimo. Just when I thought I was one dog down, I was two dogs up. And, the fact that this load was dumped in my lap on the worst day of my life...well...let's just say that's rescue...and it never happens when I am sitting around with nothing to do.

Now, this adoption mishap stung....particularly because Maggie May had been through so much already. She was the grand dame breeding bitch in a half assed for-profit operation that some jerk was running out of his apartment. Now, we have whelped a few litters of pups, and -- Oye Vey -- there has to be an easier way to make a buck. But, none the less, Maggie was bred as often as physically possible.

We were called by the local humane society in Utica, New York, to take Maggie, and her family...five other beautiful and spirited Eskies. Maggie was a little crabby when Mike and Diane Couch snagged her from the shelter and so we crated her for the ride home to Massachusetts. Once we arrived, Maggie May stole the show. I have rarely seen a dog with more spirit and joie de vivre. She is the Eskie version of Bette Midler, Maggie May IS the Divine Miss M.

Maggie with Irma La Deuce

And so the search began for her new home. We finally settled on Rebecca and John of Pennsylvania, who are Mom and Dad to Xena, the warrior Min Pin. Since Maggie May had become such fast friends with my Min Pin, Irma La Deuce, this symmetry struck me as perfect. And so, we moved Mags to Diane Gonzalez's home for a few days of potty boot camp before she went to meet her new family.

Our reports have been great, and it seems that Maggie May continues to brighten up every room that she enters.

October 8, 2004

Hey Denise,

Just wanted to give you an update on Maggie. John and I love her to death. She has such a good personality. For the first few days she did not get along with the cats or Xena, she would lay around the house and not want to play or interact with anybody or anything, I figured she misses you a lot. Well you will be pleased to know that she is now doing well and plays with Xena and even the cats. I got a picture of her and one of the cats sleeping together curled up into a furry ball. Every day she has more and more energy and she tries to keep up with Xena (Diane will tell you that's not an easy thing to do). Well I didn't get a chance to thank you for this wonderful gift so I want to do it now ....... THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Well I will send pictures as soon as I get them back from the photo shop.
Thanks again Denise and thank Diane for me again.


February 19, 2005


Sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Been really busy with work and home. Maggie is wonderful she's got the most interesting personality and keeps me on my toes every day. Her skin is healed. She loves my mom and dad. We go there a few times a week and run around in her yard when it's not snowing. That reminds me, she loves the snow she rolls all over in it and sticks her nose in it, living up to her breed name. Hopefully I can get my camera working again so I can send you pictures. Thank You sooooooooooo much for bringing Maggie into our lives we love her to pieces. Rebecca

P.S. She gets along great with Xena and the cats, she is definitely part of the family!