A few months ago, we were contacted by the local Human Society in Annapolis, Maryland, about Maddie. The poor girl had been one of five dogs and was dumped by her owner with no explanation. As a mulit-pack resident, she seemed to display some "food" scavenger behavior that led us to believe that she had not been fed well.

After working out the driving logistics, Diane Gonzalez made the 8 hour round trip to pick up Maddie. Diane was delighted with this outgoing, friendly girl. Maddie made the long trip back to New Jersey like a trooper, only to receive a rather rude greeting from Diane's new resident dog, Sammy the Shiba Inu. Sammy is a sourpuss, to be sure, and he did not appreciate Miss Maddie's charms at all.

Fortunately, we had a home waiting for Maddie with Regina and Henry Doherty, of North New Jersey, who were eager to adopt a girlfriend for their Boxer, Freddie. When the Dohertys met Maddie, they were smitten. But it was Freddie who fell for Miss Maddie like a ton of bricks. The Dohertys report that Freddie dragged his bed over to Maddie's crate so that he could sleep next to her. Well....what can you say? Female eskies are very easy on the eyes.

Maddie has continued her scavenger ways and has even helped Regina excavate some petrified holiday party food that found its way under the sofa. So far, things are going well and we look forward to receiving new pictures of Maddie and her new family soon!

Here is Regina's first report:

Hi Denise:

We have Maddie and she seems to be adjusting well. She's still a little hyper and her eating habits are very odd, she's a huge garbage hound! It seems to me that she might have been knocked around a little and has some trust issues but overall is fitting in very well. I'm trying to find time to send you a picture, hopefully this week.