ZOE: Mackenzie Gets a New Name

Mackenzie is a very spunky girl and a lucky one too. She came to us from a chaotic home with a couple of toddlers and one on the way. Her "Mom" could not manage the hectic pace and decided to put Mackenzie up for adoption. I could tell from the tone of our Rhode Island foster mom's voice, that Jeanne Corvese was smitten with this dog. And, so, I made plans to pick up Mackenzie and our boy Shy from Jeanne.

I had tentative adoption plans for Mackenzie but when I met her she nipped me....twice. Leave it to an Eskie to screw up one's best laid plans. Honestly, it seems that "Murphy's Law" was devised to accommodate the quirks of the American Eskimo Dog. And so, not wishing to give Mackenzie the opportunity to nip a potential adopter, I begged Jeanne to hold on to her for a while to see if she would settle down.

Since I am a Class A Beggar and Jeanne is one of the most gracious ladies on the planet, Mackenzie began her short stint in foster care....a week, it was supposed to be. And, things went well. Jeanne just loved Mackenzie and gave her a lot of space and time to mellow out. Well, as mellow as an Eskie can get when confronted with "the bitches of Cranston," Sasha, Carmella, Annabella and the pitbull of Eskies, Miss Yoki. It was a good couple of days until Jean had Mackenzie up on the couch, rolled her over for belly scratches when she discovered 500,000 flea troops running field maneuvers on Miss Mackenzie's belly. A flea infestation in the middle of the cleanest house I have ever seen.

Jeanne Corvese sends MacKenzie on her way to her new home.

Week one passed without incident, and we were firmly into week two of foster care when we settled on an adopter, Jean Wolfe, of Rhode Island. We made plans to meet. When I met Mackenzie the second time, she was an absolute angel. Jeanne Corvese was a basketcase though, as she marched her little Mackenzie out of the house toward her new life. As Jeanne put Mackenzie in the car, tears were running down her face....a natural photo opportunity.

And so, Mackenzie and I made our way over to Jean Wolf's home make our introductions. Jean had lost her Eskie boy to cancer recently and had gone through a lengthy greiving process, as had her Eskie girl, Samantha, who seemed to be missing her playmate. As Jean told me stories of her departed boy, I was thrilled to note that he seemed to be much more of a handful than any dog I could provide. Mackenzie was on her best behavior, and Jean was smitten. The adoption has worked our beautifully, and here is Jean's first report.

Good afternoon, Denise:

It's finally time to let you know something about my new puppy. Although I can't send photos yet, she is really beautiful! I had her groomed this week, along with Sammy, and they both are extraordinarily gorgeous!!

I have renamed Mackenzie - her new name, to which she responds, is Zoe. She is doing quite well with leash training, listens to most commands (although I still have work to do with her jumping on people), she has become an excellent watch dog - both in and out of the house. Zoe loves to run - she outpaces Sammy most of the time and, sometimes, me.

I absolutely adore her and am so grateful I have become her new partner.

Sammy and she are becoming good playmates - I am happy for Sammy, too.

When I figure out how to send photos, I will. You will be surprised to see
how beautiful she is!

Thank you for letting me have her.

Jean Wolfe