Mabelline is a spectacular beauty! She did not last long in our system, and was adopted even before we could post her on our website! Maybelline was abandoned by her family to a shelter in Connecticut and, luckily, was snapped up by Isabelle and Ralph Acampora, in Galway, New York. The Acampora's have realized the wonderful abilities of this breed, by getting Mabelline involved in agility training. We have to give them alot of kudos for opening their home to this little love, and helping her move from fear to confidence with the agility work. We just received a follow-up note from the Acampora's to update us on Maybelline. Here is what they had to say!


Hi Chuck and Larry too!

Just wanted to give you an update on Mabelline and to send you a photo so you can see how much she has changed. She is doing great and getting along better and better with Amber our Golden Retriever. She is very smart and is now on her Beginner, Level 2 of Agility and has already passed the Obedience Level 1.


Every day she comes more and more out of her shell and seems very happy with us. She is my lap do whenever I am home and able to sit down for any length of time. She still does not enjoy going places in the car as she still seems afraid I will drop her off somewhere. Hopefully as time goes on she will learn to enjoy going with me in the car as I try to take her with me whenever I can as she wants to be with me every minute of every day. I hope all is well with you and all the other rescue dogs you have available. I tell everyone I can about the breed and about Heartbandits.

Isabelle Acampora

Galway, New York