What a LUCKY1!

Have you ever had a dog that--

Loved to sit quietly in your lap and watch TV?

Looked adoringly at you every time you entered a room?

Tried to please you in any way it could think of to make you happy?

Chased balls that you threw for him, until he dropped of fatigue?

Ate everything in sight in case there was no tomorrow?

This discribes our Lucky1~!


We are most fortunate to have found him as a companion for our other American Eskimo Dog, Frosty Treat. Lucky1 is a former Heart Bandits Rescue Dog, and came to belong in our family on June 6, 1999. He was one day away from being put to sleep in a New York City Shelter when a compassionate worker freed him. Listed in his shelter paperwork are the words: "aggressive?"




Sure he's aggressive! He loves to play ball, and will do almost anything to grab a toy he can play with. He fights for his place in our home; fighting by the begging look in his eyes, not his teeth. His expressions change with his moods, but he's never been angry with or even tried to bite another dog. He and Frosty play together as brothers, sometimes squabbling over a toy, but never hurting each other. Lucky1 comes with us to Frosty's shows, and spends the day with his new Dad, walking the trails, sitting on the grass under a nice cool tree, sometimes barking to distract Frosty in the ring!


He gets upset when left alone for long periods of time, so he's always brought along if we will be gone somewhere with Frosty for more than a few hours. Perhaps it's because he was left alone in the shelter, cold, scared, hungry, missing his owners. Perhaps it's because he only feels secure when he's with someone he knows that loves him. Perhaps it's because he was only a little puppy when he was taken to the shelter. We will never know the reason why, but he will never be left alone again!

Lucky1 has found his "Forever Family"!

----------Contributed by Ruth Anderson

Lucky grew up to be a beautiful Eskie! Here is the latest update on this little boy--

Hi, Denise!

I just got this pix of Lucky1 back in the mail. He's going to be in a book, and this is one of the pix that the photographer took. we accidently left the choke chain on, so she couldn't use this pix, so she sent it to me. For the book, we took the chain off. We were in this huge hayfield, and boy did he have fun running around. I had to catch him and put his leash on, as he got on some track and almost took off hunting! He's going to the dog day's sports center and will try his luck at some of the agility stuff, and would you believe it, Dick actually said he'd run with him if Lucky1 liked it!! I'm amazed!!! Thought you'd like to see how he's turning out!!! He's such a sweet little kid!

Ruth A.


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