Our magnificent Lucio is a glorious soul, who has just found himself homeless.  When Lucio was four years old, his lackluster owner acquired him from a friend, without double-checking the landlord's dog policy.  Seems to us that it would be pretty hard to hide a 80 pound Rottweiler. After three months, Lucio was found out, and was given an eviction notice.  His owner abandoned him to a questionable fate at the NYC ACC.

Despite his dramatic change of fortune, Lucio held his head up high, and greeted every new change with characteristic Rottie courage.  There is great majesty in this dog: his proud stature is breed standard Rottweiler, and his demeanor is completely magnanimous!  Lucio is an outgoing, friendly character, who loves everybody he meets.

We were happy to invite this handsome gentleman to our Connecticut rescue, as soon as we we became aware of his predicament. He continues to wow us with his laid back friendly nature.  Lucio appears to be breed standard Rottweiler. He is a large, powerful dog at 80 pounds, and is slightly underweight. He could easily fill out to 90 to 100 pounds with healthy diet and exercise. He has a muscular build, with a massive Rottweiler head and stance.  He has the true Rottie black and tan colors, floppy ears and cropped tail.

At first meeting, Lucio is affectionate and loving.  He has adjusted beautifully to foster care and has been a joy to handle.  Lucio loves people, and is generally friendly to strangers, but could certainly be relied upon to perform his traditional Rottweiler guard dog duties. We think that Lucio would be happiest in a quiet adult home, where he can chill out after a couple of nice leash walks each day.

Lucio could easily join a multi-dog home with  other well-trained, calm dogs, in a balanced pack dynamic. He appears to be neutral in temperament, and has been observed to get along with a wide spectrum of dog personalities.  He seems to enjoy the company of large and small dogs. We have not tested him with cats, but he would be a likely candidate to coexist nicely with a feline housemate.

In temperament, Lucio seems to possess the best qualities of the Rottweiler breed. He is a lovable, courageous, devoted protector.  He would be the ideal K9 companion to a moderately active single, or couple, who have large dog, or Rottie experience.  Powerful breeds like Rottweilers, that have a work ethic hardwired into their DNA, require purposeful lifestyles that challenge their mental and physical faculties. They also need a strong leader to teach them Canine Good Citizenship.

Obedience work is an excellent way to build a strong bond with a newly adopted rescue dog, but is also helpful in channeling a hardwired work ethic into purposeful activity.  Lucio is an obedience natural, and seems to love the daily workout. He knows most of his commands, and willingly works for treats or praise.  A motivated Adopter could easily take Lucio all the way to Canine Good Citizenship.

Lucio is house trained and crate trained, although adapters should expect the occasional accident or two as he transitions to a new routine. He is in excellent health, and has been neutered, and is current on routine vaccinations. He has been dewormed, and has tested negative for heartworm, lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis.

If you are interested in Lucio, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com, or call/text Denise at cell: 860-908-9738 for an adoption application.

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