If Diane Gonzalez were to award a medal for the biggest Eskie pain in the butt.....the winner would -- hands down -- be LOLA. When Diane got the call from the New Jersey shelter, the reports on Lola were glowing. She was an absolute angel with everyone she met. And, this, is usually the sign of a very, very good Eskie. The trouble with Lola is that she absolutely, categorically, and without any prejudice whatsoever.....HATES other dogs. And, when you have more than one Eskie houseguest, this behavior quirk is a problem.

Lola could not have come along at a worse time for Diane. She had our quirky Eddy, Roxy and Suzy Q, who were all slightly nuts. And, then, when Lola showed up, Diane was struck dumb by the immediate caterwalling. The fighting was endless and Lola just never gave in. So we thought we would have endless options for Lola because she is so good with people....but, it seems that all of our prospective adopters already have dogs or cats. I was so thrilled to hear from Kenny Kenniston of New Hampshire, who had lost his Eskie girl recently, due to illness. I liked Kenny tremendously, and he was anxious to adopt a little girl. Since Kenny does not have other dogs, we thought he and Lola were a perfect match. And we were right.

Diane and Willie Gonzalez met me in Manhattan and we swapped Lukas for Jackson and Lola -- each dog on his/her way to their new homes. I was stunned at how good Lola was after her big build-up -- she was a perfectly behaved little angel. Just the same, I was not willing to introduce Lola to the Angels from God, so I made a beeline from Manhattan directly to Derry, New Hampshire, to meet Kenny. Lola and Kenny hit if off wonderfully well. She jumped right into his van and made herself at home.

Kenny tells us that he just loves Lola and she has full control of his house. She may be writing checks out of his checkbook soon. And, she has ingratiated herself with all of his family and friends. We hear that Kenny and Lola will be spending winters in Florida. Our only regret is that Lola hates other dogs so much that Kenny won't be able to privide a foster home for us. We just love him!!