Lily is a beautiful little Eskie girl, about five years old. She was taken into the Manhattan CACC as a stray earlier this spring. Along with fellow Eskie inmate Chickie, she was rescued one evening by Ann Harris and Denise Gareau of the Heart Bandits New York City Chapter. Due to a "transportation shortage," Denise and Ann found themselves with Miss Lily and Miss Chickie on the Metro North Railroad, during RUSH HOUR. As Murphy's Law always reigns supreme during rescue runs, the ladies were comfortably seated in the midst a sea of commuters, when word was announced that the train was out of service, and all million and one commuters had to scramble to another train. This was our first ever rescue railroad expedition on Metro North to Connecticut, and we learned an important lesson -- AVOID RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC at all costs...even on the train. Miss Lily behaved exceptionally well on this crowded journey and, as disoriented as she had to feel, maintained her interest in human attention and affection throughout the trip. Lily spent some time with the Conklin's in Hamden, Connecticut, and then began a stay at Chuck Bruno's house in Massachusetts.

She developed a penchant for bossing around really, really big dogs, and it took some time for us to find the right home for her! Finally, Mary and Peter Gervais, of Enosberg, Vermont, wrote us with the sad story that their Eskie boy had just been killed by a car, and they wanted to adopted a little girl. Lily was the perfect fit for this family. She is finally loved and appreciated, as she should be! She has a wonderful home in a log cabin on lots of land for her to run! We look forward to hearing more about Lily from the Gervais Family!