Our blushing beauty, Leah, is a striking girl, who was just plucked from a local town shelter, where she wound up after her owner passed. The surviving family members were not prepared for the antics of a one year old puppy. At such an impressionable age, Leah has received her introduction to the wild Rescue world.

Leah appears to be a victim of very poor human judgement. Clearly, an individual with health issues commited to a puppy that she was ill-prepared to handle. As a result, Leah did not receive the appropriate training and socialization that a young puppy needs to blossom, and as a result, she is a bit behind the learning curve in manners and training. Our mission with Leah has been to implement a basic training and socialization program, and to bring her into balance before placing her for adoption.

Leah doesn't quite know what to make of the rescue process. She seems slow to adjust to change, and the trick with her has been re-igniting her puppy mojo. She was just one year old when she arrived at the shelter, as a nervous , high-energy puppy, who seemed uncomfortable in her own skin, and unsure of her place in the world. Now after a few months in foster care, Leah has blossomed into a much more confident girl, who has learned manners, and to trust humans. She is ready to meet her new family.

Leah has the most spellbinding, cocoa brown eyes, with black eye rims and lashes that give her a winsome, doe-like expression. At first glance, she appears to be a beautiful German Wirehaired Pointer. We can see the wiry texture coat in her telltale whiskers and scruffy chest hair, but then, we also see the sleek build, and robust tan and black coloring of the Irish Wolfhound. Weighing 65 pounds, Leah is a large, strong girl, a natural athlete, who has a lean, athletic physique that flourishes with a lot of exercise.

As a double dose of hardwired hunting dog, Leah needs a job. The best way to channel her work ethic is through retrieving exercises and obedience training. She loves her training sessions and is extremely eager to please. She responds to both praise and treat motivated positive reinforcement, as well as leadership training techniques.

Leah would be a fabulous choice for an active single or couple who enjoy outdoor activities. The more exercise she gets the better. A quiet, relaxed home would be ideal for Leah, as she can become a little anxious in the face of chaos. She may be spooked by the frantic movements of toddlers, but she would blossom in an active, adult home, in which she is part of the action. She would be the ideal companion for a rescue dog Savvy adopter, who enjoys the nitty-gritty work of improving a discarded rescue dog's state in life.

Leah is at the stage in her development, where she needs to be an integral part of her family. Long stretches of time alone, are not ideal for her, and she would thrive in an only dog home, in which she can receive ongoing socialization, leadership and obedience training. Leah has not done well in her various dog pack introductions, so we presume that she has not had many positive interactions with her canine bretheren. Adopters will need to be careful during new introductions. She has also tested with cats, and she is not a big fan.

Leah's manners are steadily improving, and she is house trained and crate trained, but adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during her transition to a new home. She is in excellent health, and is at an ideal lean body weight of 65 pounds. She has been recently spayed, and has been vaccinated for rabies, DA2PP (distemper, adrenovirus, parvo and parainfluenza), and canine flu. She has been boostered as needed. She has had the 4dx test, and is negative for heartworm, lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis. She has been dewormed, and microchipped. If you are interested in Leah, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

Eskies Online is a 501(c)(3) Multibreed rescue group that serves unwanted American Eskimos and other dogs in need. Our group of volunteer foster homes spans the North East, and our adoption territory extends from Maine to eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of northern Maryland. Once an adopter is approved, we arrange transportation. We do not adopt dogs beyond our territory. Please visit our website: www.eskiesonline.com for more information about our group and our adoption procedures.