I heard from Emily Rogeness, of Welcome Home Rescue, in the Boston area, earlier this year about an Eskie girl, Lady, whom she was trying to import to Boston in a mass rescue from a shelter in Memphis. The plans were coming together nicely, and I agreed to pick up Lady at the Logan Airport in Boston. In rescue, I am well-accustomed to the Murphy's Law, and was completely amazed at ease with which I was able to retrieve Little Lady from the airport. Once I got her home, she was an absolute angel -- and was indeed, Fourth Angel From God material.


There were many potential adopters interested in Lady, but there was something about Kevin and Beth that just seemed perfect for her. They came to meet Lady and were smitten immediately! Our first phone reports were wonderful as Lady settled in to her new life. We look forward to hearing from Kevin and Beth soon with an update.

Hello Denise,

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you about Lady. She is doing fine!! She fits right in with us. Right now she's rolling around the living room with a new stuffed toy Beth just brought home today. We've never seen another breed of dog that likes to play with toys so much. We've had lots of snow this week and she really loves to go out and run around in it. She climbs right up the snow banks in the driveway--although when it's deep she has to run back and forth to make a path for herself--but seems to have a good time. No we have not changed her name, but we both seem to call her "Whitey" alot of the time. I guess it just kind of fits like a nickname. We do have some pictures of her we'll send along soon. She is doing great and we really love having her around!! That's about all for now, we will be sending you some pictures.

Thanks for everything,

Kevin, Beth,& Lady (Whitey)

Update! April 2003

Hi, Denise--

Sorry to have taken so long to write and send photos of lady. It's hard to believe it's been a year. In some ways, it seems that it was just yesterday that we drove home with her ridign in Kevin's lap, but she is such a part of the family that it's hard to remember those times that she wasn't here, always just a step behind me!

Lady is a good girl and a quick learner too. She is an instant friend to everyone she meets--the mailman, pizza guy, and especially kids. She really loves kids. She has a very sweet and friendly disposition. As you can see fromthe photos, she loves her toys, although there are only a few visible. She has at least a dozen favorites, and totes them from room to room, often times taking a nap surrounded by all of her toys! She is a very good girl and we tell everyone to visit your website to find out more about the wonderful service you provide and to see the photos and stories of all the dogs that have found homes--thanks again for matching us up with Lady.



Lady with buddy Theodore