Lady has been through some very rough times. He owners abandoned her in a vet's clinic where she had been taken after being attacked by Pit Bulls. The owner claimed that these dogs, with whom Lady had lived, suddenly turned on her. When the owners failed to return, the vet turned her over to a shelter which, in turn, released her to a local rescue group. Yet, in spite of all the pain and uncertainty she has had to endure, Lady remains an incredibly sweet little girl. Diane, our New Jersey Heart Bandits volunteer, was impressed with her lady-like behavior on the ride home to foster care. And Lady was very gentle with Diane's two year old child. This six year old miniature Eskie was a bit timid after all she's been through, but has responded very well to kindness and affection. Now she has a great new home. Here's Diane's report on her adoption:.

"Lady went to her new home this morning and all went well. Jim and Nancy live in a beautiful home in Mount Laurel with a huge back yard next to a small lake. Jim had been searching for six months for the right dog, and he knows Lady's the one for him. Jim spent alot of time at different shelters over the last year. Then Lady's story caught his attention on the web. From there, let's say it was fate. Jim's wife actually saw the dog first in my car at the local shopping center when I took the gang to pick up some Chinese food. Jim and Nancy lived on the same street as I did a few years back. So the stars were aligned correctly for all this to work out for our dear Eskie Lady. Jim and Nancy are going to Petsmart to outfit Lady in style. Another success story for Eskies Online and Heart Bandits!"