Kyle was one of the “New York Six”, released to Heart Bandits by the New York ASPCA. These Eskies had been confiscated from an abusive, neglectful environment about two years prior to coming into our system. They were held by the city in what was apparently a very inadequate kennel while a court battle raged on. When the ASPCA finally took custody, four of the six were believed to be too aggressive to be adopted. Denise insisted on withholding judgement and took responsibility for the pack. She could only make this decision because of the willingness of a dedicated Connecticut foster home to take in all six Eskies. Denise rode with this pack of Eskies in the ASPCA van to Connecticut. The dogs were an unbelievable mess! They brought an amazing army of fleas and ticks with them in that van. Audra and Denise launched a massive cleanup party in the Connecticut home. The results were startling. While some of the dogs had injuries and some showed obvious defects from poor breeding, they all looked like different dogs once the bathes were over. All throughout the ordeal, which surely must have been painful, there was not one curled lip, threatening look or even a growl. They were so appreciative and so thankful.

Kyle had been one of the two not originally deemed aggressive. Our vet believed him to be about two, so he must have been a puppy when he was confiscated. This little mush kept his playful puppy personality once in a home environment and all of the foster families fell in love with him. No one was willing to give him up. We finally had to, though, when Servette Tutovic and her family inquired about him. They were looking for a small dog who would not destroy the house, as their last dog did. They got exactly what they were looking for. Although Kyle loves his new family, he has his favorite and his least favorite members of the family. Kyle is a big-time Momma’s boy; he prefers to ignore the four year old human of the house. No one is sure why, as the child has never been allowed to torment or bother Kyle. He just hasn’t warmed up to him as everyone had expected. No one except the four year old minds. They are all very happy with their newest addition to the family. More from Kyle’s family soon – with more pictures.