TIGGER and KOKOMO, a new Eskie family

The Ellner Family had visited the Long Island Pet Expo and met Audra and the Eskies at the Heart Bandits booth. Searching for the right family dog, they had narrowed it down to two breeds and were interested in rescue. Additional research and, most of all, meeting Eskies in person, clinched the deal: they decided on an American Eskimo and submitted an application. They wanted a puppy and would wait for one, knowing it might take a while.

After having been called three times about the possibility of a puppy coming into the system and being disappointed all three times, mom Pat decided it might be best to foster for a while until a puppy actually became available. Kokomo, although originally thought to be not well-suited for a home with children because he was so afraid, showed so much progress that we decided to try it for a few days to see how it worked. Kokomo bonded immediately to the Ellner's oldest daughter Jaclyn.
A few days later, a 13-month-old puppy finally became available. CC entered a Long Island shelter when his family no longer had time for him. When the shelter called Heart Bandits, Audra immediately thought of the Ellners. Although they had originally wanted a baby puppy, they had spoken to many puppy-owners and decided a 13 month old would be fine. Audra showed up at their house with the gorgeous bouncing baby boy. He was a typical energetic puppy who needed to run and play and go to training. The Ellner Family was willing and able to provide all that. They named him Tigger for his incredible bouncing/jumping ability.
Problem was, they couldn’t give Kokomo up. So now Kokomo and Tigger are being raised as Eskie brothers – each so very different from the other. Kokomo is a large, round, mellow Eskie who prefers to sit with his favorite human, Jaclyn. He has been known to nip the legs of people leaving and does not like strangers much. He’s still a bit fearful of his human dad, but with some adjustments to how his dad approaches him and addresses him, things seem to be getting a little better and should continue to improve with time. The Ellners are pleased to report that Tigger is doing extremely well in obedience class – his teacher is very impressed with how social and vocal he is. He learns quickly and is very eager to please. He’s a little nippy when he gets excited, but he is gaining more control of himself every day and is well on his way to becoming a well-mannered young gentlemen. Tigger loves everyone who comes to the house and wants to run and play all day. He likes to get into messes and is quite mischievous, like most puppies. The Ellner’s are thrilled that they did not take a younger puppy, as they have enough to deal with his energy level and tendencies to nip when he’s excited and chew the girls’ dolls when he finds them. They couldn’t imagine having to deal with those issues for a longer period of time, in addition to the other ones so common to younger puppies, such as housebreaking and separation problems.