Moe was part of a group rescue by Denise Gareau and Beth Root in Manhattan. One evening, we went to get one dog from the Center For Animal Care and Control, in Spanish Harlem, New York City, and were surprised when the CACC folks brought us not one, but THREE, tired, abandoned and very, very, stinky Eskies--Moe, Manny and Daisy Mae. Moe was quite a scrapper -- he was a tiny little thing who spent the whole trip to Connecticut wiggling out of Denise's lap, in order to register a complaint with Manny in the back seat. Moe is truly a little love, and presented one of our greatest housebreaking challenges, creatively resolved by Mary Conklin, now of the Connecticut Heart Bandits Chapter. After a while in house-training bootcamp, Moe caught the fancy of George and Irene Butler of Massachusetts. The Butlers just love Little Moe (now he goes by Kody), and they recently sent us this note and picture!


Dear Chuck,

On Jan. 23.'00 we adopted our beautiful American Eskimo named Moe, which we changed to Kody. He took over our hearts and our home like he had lived here all his life. We love him dearly and he has brought much joy to us. We had a part Eskie mix for 16 years. He left us two years ago, and we never thought we would love another dog. We thank you so much for rescuing this beautiful dog.


George and Irene Butler