Kody is a very special Heart Bandits boy -- He has won the heart of all his foster families, and we are thrilled to finally see him in a loving forever home. Kody started off in Chuck Bruno's home, in Revere, Massachusetts, where he demonstrated his penchant for food, packing on 15 extra pounds of "love handles" by eating everything in sight! Then, he accepted Larry Conklin's invitation to stay at his home in Hamden, Connecticut, where he discovered the lost art of "basketball" and exhibited his athletic prowess!

From there, Kody went travelling to Manhattan, where he took up residence with Denise Gareau, and the "Angels From God," Nikita, Nadia and Patootie. Kody proved to be the master of diplomacy, negotiating his place on the bed with "The Angels," only to discover that he preferred the cool hardwood floor for naptime! He loved to sleep tucked under the bed, with his little feet sticking out, and the subtle sounds of snoring (ala Ralph Kramden) lulled Denise and "The Angels"to sleep at night! (Toot registered a complaint or two about the snoring...but, what can you do about houseguests???) From there, it was on to Kevin Lewis' house in Staten Island, New York, where Kody got way too much R&R! Kevin reported a very relaxed boy, who once jumped up, ran across the room to snatch up a bag of potato chips.


So, after Kody had made such a thorough foster home circuit, we are so very happy to report that he has found his permanent home with Mrs. Edna Henriksen on Long Island, New York. Here is what Edna's daughter reports:

Dear Denise:

We got off to a rocky start because the day after Audra brought Kody over, my mother had to be admitted to the hospital! But everything worked out well - my husband and I stayed at the house with Kody and my mom was back home in two days. All is well now. Kody is everything you said he is - loveable, anxious to please, playful, very well housebroken, and smart. We already love him very much!!! And I think he loves us too.

Thanks again for rescuing little Kody and sending him to us!

 -Debbie Henriksen