Our Kodi's luck has recently changed for the better! Last year he was living with his owners in a crowded Pennsylvania townhouse with a toddler, and a newborn en route. Kodi's "Mom" was having a hard time managing him, and his multiple daily walks were particularly tough during the pregnancy. And so, Kodi's owner called us for help in finding her boy a new home where he could have the love and attention that he deserves.

Kodi was quite a character. When Diane picked him up, he took too her immediately, and was such an amiable fellow that we proceeded directly with his adoption. We were thrilled to hear from Roger and Maureen Moore, who had lost their beloved Eskie recently and were eager to open their hearts to another. The Moores went straight to Diane's to meet Kodi and we are delighted to have them as adopters. Roger has recently retired from the New York City Fire Department due to injuries received while serving the city during the World Trade Center catastrophe. It was his dream to move his family to a big house in New Hampshire. We have just heard from the Moores who have made the move the the "North Woods" and Kodi is settling in nicely. Now, we just have to get these folks to foster Eskies for us!!!

Good afternoon Denise,

We have finally gotten settled into our new home in New Hampshire. We finally moved into our home on Christmas eve. It was a long hard struggle considering that we had to move out at the end of November from our New York Home (couldn't put the buyers off any longer) and moved into a hotel for four weeks because the house wasn't completed. Just think of it; Checkers and Kodi, 4 cats, and Maureen and myself in a hotel room, interesting!

After all the moves, Kodi has settled in and is doing great, he loves running and playing in the snow. I will send some pictures as soon as I can find the digital camera, we are still unpacking and the second truck will be here next week with the balance of our furniture from NY.

Be talking to ya soon

Roger, Kodi, and Maureen Moore