Our little Keno was just about the cutest little boy that we have had! His former owner had drastically increased her work schedule and the poor little guy was left alone most of the day. So, she decided to give him a shot at a better life.

We met Keno for the first time at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, and he charmed us right away. After the long ride back to Massachusetts, he was actually pleased to meet the Angels From God...and to my surprise, Toot was pleased to meet Keno. He promptly appropriated Toot's spot at the foot of the bed...And without the least bit of grousing, she moved herself up to the pillow where she can plop her behind down in my hair.

And so, things were calm in the state of Toot for the next few days, until I had those inevitable thoughts about keeping Keno. But, when Teddi Taylor's application turned up, it seemed to me that Teddi and Keno were destined to be together. So, we packed this darling boy up and drove him to Maine.

It really was love at first sight when Teddi and Richard met their new boy. Keno has been re-christened "Barney"...well, technically, "Barnum," as companion to the Taylor's other Eskie, "Bailey." And truly, the boys have become great buddies and continue to delight the Taylors with their antics. Here are Teddi's reports:

October 25, 2003

Boy did he move right in. Like he's been here forever. He's resting comfortably on the couch next to me. He's getting along with Bailey wonderfully. I think the cats think they are seeing double. Thanks so much! I'll keep you updated.

Teddi & Keno

Barney and Bailey


Barney is doing well and fit right in. You should see him give Bailey a run for his money around the backyard. Here are some pictures from our recent snow fall. He is such a charater. He goes to camp once a week with Bailey and he is Mr Social. He's just so dang cute. You made a great match.




He is so precious! He's my little buddy and follows me everywhere. Can we say spoiled?! Sleeps under the covers and everything. I can't remember if I told you that he had a dental cleaning and had to have 2 teeth pulled. Still has killer breath but his teeth are pearly white. He gives the best little kisses.




March 12, 2004

Hi Denise..

Barney's doing well. He hasn't left my side since bringing him home. Spoiled as he should be. Hope all is well with you.