Sometimes I think the Man UPSTAIRS is the true Heart Bandits Adoption Coordinator. So often, circumstances present themselves that are just too, too perfect to be anything other than divine intervention. In the case of Kenai -- formerly Sprocket -- we were contacted by Wendy Sage who runs PoundHounds in the Sturbridge, Massachusetts area, who had taken in Kenai as a stray. Wendy had placed Kenai in a home -- with a pre-teen boy -- that didn't agree with him. So, stumped as to a next move, Wendy called us for advice.

We took Sprocket into foster care, where he met the illustrious Esty girls--Ashley, Mikala and Emma--at the Lynn Esty Foster Home in Vermont. The Estys proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that this boy was one big loveable mush who adored kids. Lynn took exception to the name Sprocket and christened the boy Rocky. Just when we began to look over our adoption applications, Sheridan Vallese phoned me from New Jersey. He introduced himself by his nickname -- Rocky!! And so, the match was made. Rocky Vallese and his family had just adopted another Eskie boy, Koti, from a New Jersey kill shelter. Koti was settling in nicely.




And so, Kenai [the name Rocky had been vetoed by the Esty Girls in favor of Kenai, after one of their favorite towns in Alaska where the family had at one time lived] met his new family on a bright, sunny, Saturday afternoon in Cheesecake (oops, make that Cheesequake), New Jersey. After a long get-acquainted period, the Vallese family drove off in their Honda SUV with two very lovey, very energetic Eskies! We look forward to an update and pictures soon!